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Abhilash Ruhela
18 hours ago

The Heartfulness Way by Kamlesh D. Patel/Joshua Pollock (Book Review: 3.5*/5) !!!

Reading spiritual books has been my passion since last two years since I started understanding it conceptually and intellectually. It...

Aakanksha Jain
5 hours ago

Book Review - Sniper's Eye by Mainak Dhar

Mainak Dhar sniper's eye book review. He writes Alice in deadland and bestseller of book 03:02. Mainak is also the author of over a dozen books, some of which have been bestsellers in India and abroad, including the bestselling Alice in Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese. He writes so many books and mainak dhar booklist is very long.

Jiten Upadhyay
23 hours ago

The Mogul by Vish Dhamija | Book Reviews

Vish Dhamija is an excellent author. His vocabulary is so rich and his way of elaborating a scene is really fantastic. What I like the most about his writing is the way he infuses sarcasm and humor (not always dark). Earlier I got a chance to read a thriller named Bhendi Bazaar from our team, ...

Review of what will people think ? By Rashi Dubey

BLURB: Do you want to fulfill your dreams? If yes, then the next question should be ‘how-to-move-ahead’, but is it really the next question you ask yourself? What about the numerous fears that prec…

1 day ago

TBC – The Book Club

TBC stands for The Book Club. It came into being when the concept of Indie Publishing was not in vogue in India. Know more about this group in this post.

Maya Bhat
1 day ago

Elephants in the Room by Suraj Laxminarayan (Book Review)

Elephants in the room by Suraj Laxminarayan is a story of a bank robbery planwent completely wrong. Confused robbers inside the bank.

1 day ago

A brand new Mini-Series… coming soon…

A Mini-Series as a tribute to a few of the brilliant Indian Indie authors of The Book Club, with a list of their books published this year.

1 day ago

First on Friday – October 2018 New Releases

List of four fantastic New Releases of the famous authors coming out this October 2018.

Jiten Upadhyay
2 days ago

Finding The Magic in You by Shivam | Book Reviews

Recently we came across a few books which fall in how-to, motivational and inspirational zone. Some of them are: How to Publish a Book in the East That You Can Sell in the West by Kim Staflund | Book Reviews Stuck in the Middle?: Let’s break the middle class dilemma! by Praveen Tiwari | Book ...

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