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3 days ago

Million Memories - Pallavi Kodan -Book Review

I was pleasantly surprised to recieve this cute little package from the author Pallavi Kodan. I loved the cute little powder pink bag th...

4 days ago

Book Review: The Winner: A Ballroom Dance Novel

Title: The Winner: A Ballroom Dance Novel Author: Erin Bomboy Page: 353 pages Plot: The most prestigious ballroom dance competition in the United States. Two dancers need to win. Only one can. Nina…

Sheetal Maurya
4 days ago

The Celeritas Files : Unveiling the dark side of corporate India by Ishan Majumdar – Book review

Introduction: You hardly come across with the thriller book which is based in the corporate world. The cover ...

வட்டார நூல்கள் மூன்று - நூல்முகம்.

நமது செட்டிநாடு , நகரத்தார் திருமகள், ஆச்சி வந்தாச்சு ஆகிய மூன்று நூல்கள் உறவினர் மூலம் வாசிக்கக் கிடைத்தன. இன்னும் நகரத்தார் மலர்,  நகர...

Madhulika Liddle
6 days ago

Book Review: Sujata Dev’s ‘Mohammed Rafi: Golden Voice of the Silver Screen’

In the early 1940s, my mother (then a toddler) and her family lived in Amritsar. My grandfather used to work in Lahore: he was the sound engineer at the HMV recording studios there. Nana would comm…

shaloo walia
6 days ago

Book Review: Siddhartha

Book Review of the bestselling novel Siddhartha by the acclaimed author Herman Hesse.

Gauri Kamath
6 days ago

Book Review: What Kitty Did by Trisha Bora

A blog about everything under the sun.

Asha Seth
1 week ago

Book Review: Jason Cage (Jason Cage Series, #1)

When I was done reading ‘Dr. Zhivago’, I was tad bored. I was in search of something exciting, something more than mere reading. Just then I received my review copy of ‘Jason Cage…

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