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3 hours ago

Mayada -Daughter of Iraq, A Book That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

Reading a book seems simple but ask an avid reader and you'll know how much

Book Review : The Things We Don't Know - Tarun Betala

Book review blog by Kaushal Gupta. Find book reviews and information about the latest books by Indian Authors.

Prakash Parasuraman
12 hours ago

You are the best friend is another masterpiece -Book review

Ajay.K.Pandey has won hearts with his previous two novels “You are the best wife” and “Her last wish”. You are the best friend is his third creativity. It is the sequel of Her last wish. Both the novels ‘Her Last wish’ and ‘You are the best friend’ are Ajay’s own life stories.

Polomi Mondal
22 hours ago

“It’s not about the Bike”  by Lance Armstrong

Lance’s journey from a World Champion to a Cancer survivor!

Tina S
12 hours ago

Author Interview: Sadiqa Peerbhoy

It is my honour and privilege to interview one of India´s finest contemporary authors, Sadiqa Peerbhoy. Her latest book, ´House of Discord´ was launched at the Bangalore Literature Festival in Nove…

Lata Sunil
1 day ago

Stand Strong - Book Review

Book Details: Name:  Stand Strong, Author: Shubha Vilas Genre: Mythology / Spiritual Publisher: Jaico Books, 2017 Number of pages: 326 The book ‘Stand Strong’ is Book 4 of The Game of Life Series written by Shubha Vilas.  I had read the previous books and loved it.  And so was looking forward to read this.  The book...

Rashi Mital
20 hours ago

A Home For Urvashi - Book Review

Read A Home For Urvashi to witness the strong sister love portrayed by a spirit. The book talks about the spirit world, spirit life, their right to choose their destiny and about a spirit who wants to be reborn as her sister's daughter?

Jayasree B
1 day ago

Book Review – Memories of Fire by Ashok Chopra

Love & Heartache, History & Politics, Literature & Poetry. Details aplenty, read it with a fine-toothed comb so you don’t miss out on anything. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shruti Shankar
2 days ago

His Christmas Miracle by Summerita Rhayne #coverreveal

  HIS CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Summerita Rhayne   Blurb   Her impossible wish… Kyle Masson, Irish billionaire, discovers he had been married to a con woman. Now, left with the pregnant surrogate mother for his child, he’s determined to focus on being a proper father and to care for her throughout her pregnancy. His experience … Read more...

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