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Dr.Amrita Basu
2 days ago

The New Business Card by Penny .C.Sansevieri :Author Interview & Book summary(*Listen)

Your book is The New Business card! That’s what Penny C.Sansevieri  best selling author of multiple books and an iconic expert in book marketing and media relations. She is internationally recognized as the founder and CEO of Author marketing expert. Her company has launched some of the most innovative social media and internet book marketing …

5 Bollywood Divas who Love to Drape Sarees

Some B-town divas are often spotted carrying sarees in the most stylish way and gave us major saree goals. Click to know the latest fashion trends.

1 week ago

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Character’s Death – 6th August

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a star who is upset over her character's death in her upcoming movie She recently starred in a huge hit alongside her BF. Her social media accounts boast of huge fan following. There were rumors of a superstar asking her out, but we doubt whether it is…

நமது மண்வாசம் நான்காம் ஆண்டுவிழாவில் பெண்மொழி வெளியீடு.

நான்காம் ஆண்டில் வாசிப்பை நேசிக்கவைத்த நமது மண் வாசம் நமது மண்வாசம் இதழின் நான்காம் ஆண்டு துவக்க விழா நடைபெற்றது மதுரை தானம் அறக...

Vishal Bheeroo
2 weeks ago

(Online) vigilante back for Vogue’s Suhana Khan’s cover

The word, ‘Nepotism’must be banned from the Thesaurus. One cannot simply brandish this word, no doubt popularized yet again by Kangana Ranaut and for every fickle thing, it’s been…

கம்பன் அடிப்பொடி புகழ்த்திருநாளில் சாகித்ய விருதாளர்களுக்குப் பாராட்டு.

கம்பன் அடிப்பொடி புகழ்த்திருநாளில் சாஹித்ய விருதாளர்களுக்குப் பாராட்டு. காரைக்குடி மலர் ஹோட்டலின் செண்பக அரங்கில் கடந்த 28. 7. 2018...

2 weeks ago

Wedding Bells For Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas This Year?

Even though the couple did not officially make any announcement of them dating, the increasing PDA and public appearances are enough to confirm that our Priyanka Chopra has finally found a man to date and its none other than Nick Jonas. Let's start with the very beginning of their journey.

Aparna Prabhu
2 weeks ago

My Inspirations for a brighter Tomorrow

There are so many people who inspired me, who were the reason for a few brushes of success that I had. They made me who I am today. But the three people I mentioned here are the ones I aspire to be…

2 weeks ago

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) - Bollywood Damsel - 1st August

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a bollywood damsel who was seen cosying up to a married actor. We thought this actor was one of the more decent ones of the lot(click here to read more). There were no rumors of him hooking up with any of his actresses. Nor were there rumors…

Rashmis Space
2 weeks ago

Of Nepotism, Dreams and Parenting – Mrs. B Speaks

A blog with a different perspective.

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