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16 hours ago

Google Play Store क्या है और अकाउंट कैसे बनाये?

Play Store in Hindi - क्या आपको पता है गूगल प्ले स्टोर क्या है? इसका आसान सा जवाब है की ये Android Market Place होता है Google का. इसे users Google के official store के नाम से भी जानते हैं.

Abhijit Bangal
1 day ago

Top 10 Making Money Apps for Both Android and iOS

Ever since mobile OSes introduced us to apps, there have been millions of them, even for money making. Here are top 10 making money apps for you.

5 days ago

Forget Password Windows 10, 8 and 7: how to recover it

How to recover your Windows password if you have forgotten it. Guide to reset Windows password with the PCUnlocker program.

Raushan Kumar
5 days ago

Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go

Stock Android vs Android One vs Android Go..आपको कौन सा चुनना चाहिए..सबसे fast update किस्मे आता है ..सबसे सस्ता Android go..

5 days ago

How to Use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode on iPhone

How to Use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode on iPhone is a step by step guide to turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Control Center On your iPhone, iPad.

Shamna sain
5 days ago

Google News Dark Mode – How to toggle on Dark Theme

Most of the websites are allowing users to access Dark theme , now Google news dark mode is available for certain device . As of now not all the device is getti

Shoppers Gossip
5 days ago

How to Integrate your Webmail/Domain email to Gmail

Access your webMail in Gmail How do I add my domain email to Gmail? How do I link my webmail to Gmail? How to check your wemail in gmail? Go to your cPanel a...

Shrikant L.
5 days ago

Install Ansible in Linux

Small tutorial about how to install Ansible in Linux and run ansible command on remote client from control server.

Shamna sain
5 days ago

Best Media players for Computer & Smartphone

When it comes to Media players most of us might know one common name that would be Windows Media player and few of us may know even VLC Media player . But know

6 days ago

Apple MacOS Mojave Review -

Apple MacOS Mojave Review - : MacOS Mojave, the latest version of macOS is simply powerful. Mojave is the best macOS upgrade to get more out of every click.

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