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Vikas Yadav
19 hours ago

Sorry to Bother You Movie Review - As Crazy As It Gets

Director Boots Riley's film about a telemarketer's rise to fame is weird and a whole lot of fun. A cross-breed of genre's, this one is ridi...

11 Tips for First-time Trekker in Nepal

11 Tips for First-time Trekker in Nepal Completing a trek in the tallest mountain in the world enough motivation for any avid hiker. You don’t have to be a seasoned mountaineer or an experienced world traveler. You just have to be in good shape, love to walk, have a sense of adventure and an open...

23 hours ago

Prabhas to give double treat to fans on his birthday

Prabhas delayed his next project after the phenomenal success of Baahubali and the fans have been eagerly waiting for every update about Saaho and his subsequent projects. It is anticipated that Prabhas is going to give double treat to his fans on the occasion of his birthday on Oct 23.

Movie Review: Andhadhun: One of the intelligent Bollywood movies! ***½

1705th BLOG POST -->> Watching Salman Khan’s movies have stagnated our IQ level such that when a movie like Andhadhun releases to tak...

Maria Fraji
2 days ago

കായംകുളം കൊച്ചുണ്ണി ജീവിതകഥ | Story

Kayamkulam Kochunni is an upcoming Malayalam epic period film directed by Rosshan Andrrews and written by Bobby & Sanjay. It is based on the life of Kayamkulam Kochunni, a famed highwayman who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor during the British Raj in the early 19th century Central Travancore. The film stars Nivin Pauly in the title role; Mohanlal makes a cameo appearance as highwayman Ithikkara Pakki. .Here, I am sharing Kayamkulam Kochunni 's life story and Ithikkara Pakki Story. Hope

Seema Misra
2 days ago

Tumbbad: Hastar La Vista, Baby (Film Review)

Tumbbad is a treasure hidden in the pile of trashy Horror and mythological movies, that is for us to find and celebrate. A rare concoction of horror, political satire and period fantasy, with an unprecedented technical finesse.

Senthil Nathan S
2 days ago

96 (TAMIL) (2018)


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