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Shrinidhi Hande
3 days ago

iFly Gold Coast-indoor skydiving experience

iFly Gold Coast-indoor skydiving experience

3 weeks ago

Yelbong River Canyon Trek

Welcome to this rarest trek route dicovered by the local hosts of Meaningful Travel that is called Yelbong River Canyon Trek.

Laxmi Todiwan
1 month ago

Challenges of the sea and the mighty sailor!

IWH - Indian Women in Hospitality

Ashish Jhanwar
1 month ago

Cycling in Spiti, Episode 10, Chandrataal to Chattru

Like Chintugiri on facebook: Follow Chintugiri on Instagram: Read my poetry an...

Jitendra Chaturvedi
2 months ago

Sports Social Gaming Startup Rooter Secures $640K In Pre-Series A

World's first sports social gaming platform, Rooter running under Rooter Sports Technologies Pvt Ltd, has raised $640,000 million (about INR 4.5 crores)
1 month ago

The young man and the sea - Abhilash Tomy

Indian Naval Officer Abhilash Tomy completed his unassisted, non-stop, circumnavigation around the world on National Maritime Day.

Ashish Jhanwar
1 month ago

Cycling To Spiti, Day 10, Losar to Chandratal

I stopped for a heavy breakfast as I wouldn't have anything available till Chandratal; I figured 4 paranthas would be an ideal breakfast, when I ordered 4 paranthas the lady at the restaurant asked "Where's everyone else?" and I laughed and replied "I am everyone else".

1 month ago

Mussoorie Urban Trail 2018

Last week I ran the inaugural event of Mussoorie Urban Trail organised by La Ultra team. The route is an amazing one with lots of breathtaking views. This vi...

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