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Chintan Gala
1 day ago

How to make Gift Box for Valentine's Day | DIY Valentine Gifts | Shaini Creations

Learn how to make Handmade Gift Box at Home. Convey your feelings in Style to your Boyfriend / Girlfriend. This DIY Valentine Gift will give you Gift Idea fo...

Let's Fly Stress Free!!

Why you are taking stress? Stress is not good for your health. You are lean as you take too much of stress we g...

Rashi Mital
1 day ago

A Mother Deserves The Highest Salary- Manushi Chillar

The profession of a mother deserves the highest salary, says Manushi Chillar. And, she adds that salary does not refer to cash, but love and respect. I Agree.

1 day ago

My Universe

  Forget about all roads leading to you. You’re not just a destination; You’re my whole universe. Copyright ©2018 Pradita Kapahi. All rights reserved. Image Source: Robert Kaufamn …

Chintan Gala
1 day ago

How to make 'I Love You' Double Slider Card | DIY Valentine's Day Card Ideas

Learn How to make 'I Love You' Card at Home. This Shaini Creations Double Sliding Card tutorial will teach you how to make valentine's Day Card which is diff...

Sajit Raja
1 day ago

My life's first tragedy 😞😞😞

Our brain is a weird little complicated thing. When it comes to those things we want to remember, they slowly slip out of our brains. Let ...

Are We Living Our Relations??

Life is a puzzle!!!   we heard this many times as we are about to solve one, another mystery is waiting for us to solve, some...

Friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime!!!

Friends come into one's life for a reason or a season or alifetime - all depends on what one has asked for from the universe and how it chose to respond.

Jayant Kashyap
2 days ago

Another Letter!

November 24, 2017 10:23 Dearest Sylph, I wonder if you’ll love me even when I’m at my my worst! I ask this because I know, and firmly believe, that consequences have to change, and thos…

Beyond love, what is necessary to make a house a home?

Beyond the need for understanding, love and acceptance that a successful home life requires, there is also a more practical aspect to consider!

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