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Roy S
1 day ago

#6. ​My Wife isn’t Interested. That’s Okay

Recap: # 1.​ Conventionally Unsuccessful So Far # 2.​ Did I Impact Lives?​ A​​ Little Maybe. # 3. Silence is a Virtue. Not a Weakness. #4. We are All Looking for a Fallback Option #5. I am a Better…


AS THE HEART GROWS FONDER.. To a stranger on road on the smallest help received..  'Oh! Many many thanks for the biggest h...

1 week ago

To The One Who Broke My Heart

These are not just the words; these hold a piece of my pain and also my faith that addresses the fragmented piece of my heart. Here, I will convey the

Love Marriage

The latest victims of bigotry “If we had a daughter and she came home with a boyfriend, how would you react?” Maggie asked me a few...

Roma Gupta Sinha
4 days ago

5 Vital Reasons Why You Must Strike A Balance Between Mommyhood and Wifeyhood

I love life. I love people. I love to love and it is what makes me happy. It is how I have always been, it is how I am and it is how I...

The Trajectory of Marital Relationships – Understanding why you both are made for each other

“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. But rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. If we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call “fatum”, what we currently refer…

My Grand Indian Wedding: The Engagement Ceremony

In Odiya culture, the engagement ceremony symbolizes many recent additions to the older customs. In the past this as an occasion where the ...

Love Matters

Lover, Prince, Dictator Love makes the world of a difference to the way we see others, even animals. Kittu walked into my life a...

2 weeks ago

Oh, I am Sorry

We get to hear sorry almost everyday. We say it so casually that it has lost its value, its meaning in life. It doesn’t mean that we do something wrong, we say sorry. Sorry means if someone makes a…

Nihar Pradhan
1 week ago

LOVE for Blogging and ROMANCING with Bloggers

“Love is involuntary…” “Romance is voluntary…” These two profound statements entails enough stuff to stimulate our private thoughts for a scintillating public discourse, and while doing so, we are greatly …

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