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5 hours ago

Relationship Wisdom : Wordless Wednesday

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Rakhi Jayashankar
20 hours ago

The beginning of a saga

 Birthdays  important for everyone. As kids we wait for our birthdays so that we could be the center of attraction and moreover get lovely gifts. Once we grow older, birthdays are all about waiting…

4 days ago

Every Love Story IS Different: Stop Comparing You Relationship To Others!!!

Love does not have to follow a linear path. Blaze your own trail!!! There are no rules for ideal love & Relationship. Yes, there are some basics like trust, understanding and mutual respect. Li…

Ekta Shah
5 days ago

When The Power-Cut Plays A Savior!

At large, we can’t deny the existence of our mental state we are all into and what’s been lacking at large. The secluded lifestyle, rat-race, digital-addiction and the never-ending generation gap eating up our individualities and ultimately the family bonding.

Pratikshya Mishra
4 days ago

Letters To My Ex

A blog about entertainment and personal life experiences.

Neha Mani Mishra
1 week ago


One of my very good friends, Abhishek Anand, wrote a beautiful post about what he has learned from his mother and why he idolizes her. So, I thought I will share this beautiful piece on my blog. After all, our mothers deserve this kind of love and affection and I am sure this will resonate with most of you.

Pooja Priyamvada
1 week ago

Credentials #FlashFiction

Rosa was in the middle of one of her relationship-coaching sessions when one of the participants raised his hand for a query. The young man...

Swagata Tarafdar
2 weeks ago

The Hazards of Friendship with Persons of Opposite Sex

I was devastated. I had lost track of my life. I was entangled in the legal proceedings of a bitter divorce case. I, who was the last pe...

1 week ago

How to Fall In Love and Stay In Love

fall in love you need not aim for it since ages or there is nothing like strategy. Falling in love is an amazing thing to experience in our lives. And it has all kinds

Anurag Bakhshi
1 week ago

How My Dad Met My Mother

Every 4th of July, Mom loves telling us the story of the day she first met Dad. Mom had gone to see the carnival when she heard a wolf-whistle. She quickly turned around angrily, only to find a hug…

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