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Prerna Sinha
12 hours ago

5 Creative Date Night Ideas To Spice Up Every Marriage

A marriage needs constant work especially after a few years. Here are some creative date night ideas to spice up every marriage.

Santwona Patnaik
4 days ago

“That Unconditional Love for My Best Friend” – The Best Love Story Ever

Probably, there are certain people we meet in our lives, with whom we connect more than anyone else. We discover that the vibe is certainly not generic and we understand each other perfectly. We are too similar. And this person might not always be a great partner. This person might not always be your ‘significant other’. It could be anyone - a friend, sibling or parent. For me, I found this vibe of unconditional love, in my best friend at school. Have you found yours?

Simply Life Tips
6 days ago

Helping Others Is The Best Way To Brighten Your Life 

Helping Others Is The Best Way To Brighten Your Life. We can help others in many ways. Find how can brighten your life by helping others.

5 days ago

My struggles with anger

Anger management

6 days ago

Savouring You

Running my hands through your hair, inhaling your woody fragrance Caressing your nape Rubbing my knuckles along your scruffy beard Drawing my fingers along your eyebrows, your temple, Kissing you e…

Jitendra Mathur
5 days ago

Child’s sentiments

Today is Baal Divas or the Children’s Day, the birthday of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru who loved children very much. A lot is written every year on this day and otherwise too regarding the issue…

6 days ago

Opposites may attract but do they last?How to deal with differences in a relationship.

No two people are the same, it's natural to have differences. The same rule is applicable to a relationship. Our partners will never be our mirror image. It's wrong to expect only similarities and loathe the differences. It's not about 'Do Opposites Attract or Does Like Attract', it's about the compatibility.

6 days ago


PHOTO PROMPT ©  J.S. Brand “So what do you think?” he asks, head tilted sideways and eyes seeking answers.   “Interesting” I reply...

6 days ago

I choose ‘Substance over Selfies’. What about you?

Life is really incomplete without a partner. You need that one person to love you, understand you, make you feel special.

2 weeks ago

Life Happens…..

In between some hugs and push Life happens In between some tears and laughs Life happens In between some dreams and realities Life happens   But when life happens in dark It seems worthless It…

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