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Monika Jain
5 hours ago

मैंने मांग लिया तारों से उनका ना टूटना

टूटे दिल की दर्द भरी प्रेम कहानी, अधूरी मोहब्बत, इश्क, प्यार. Sad One Sided True Love Story in Hindi. Emotional, Touching, Broken Heart, Relationship Tales.

Edwin Ronald Lambert
15 hours ago


I’m not lonely. I have myself.

arun pancholi
1 day ago

रिश्ता आंटीः पाक में कैब में लोग ढूंढ रहे अपना हमसफर

cab service rishta aunty, rishta aunty cab service in pakistan,life partner, amazing cab service, रिश्ता आंटीः पाक में कैब में लोग ढूंढ रहे अपना हमसफर

kalaa shree
3 days ago

Happy Raksha Bandhan Shayari, Watsapp Message And Wishes In Hindi

Raksha bandhan yani Rakhi bhai-bahan ke pyar ka din. Kitne dreams hote hain is utsav ko manane ke liye. Har umar ke people ise bahut hi happiness ke saath..

Ruby Singh
1 day ago

Mirzaya : The Hope

Mirzay is a romantic muse of the writer. The writer expresses her feelings of love with this muse and write stories around him in various scenarios.

1 day ago

Children and flowers make the world a beautiful garden!

A single flower, Or a bunch of flowers, In a garden, Or at our table, A child in our hands, Or a group of children, At our h...

3 days ago

Why do we Indians are so scared of talking about sex

Second largest population we are in the world, but talking about sex openly is something we still considered a blasphemy.

Mahesh Nair
2 days ago

When Restroom Is Not For Customers

While I was waiting for my prescription drugs scanning the aisles and passing my time, I heard a commotion. I could figure out from the distance that a pharmacist was in a verbal duel with a custom…

Ash G
3 days ago

I am forever young dude

Vasu coughs as he cleans the store-room, Meera also starts coughing when the dust goes inside her nostrils.   “Throw these albums out “ Meera fires at him. “One bullet shot,second… and the thi…

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