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Amit Misra
4 hours ago

Reflection-30: Humble and Learned

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1 day ago

6 Secrets You should know before approaching a lady in the nightclub

Ever wondered why hot girls fall for Frenchmen? Last Saturday night I went to a downtown pub, with my buddies. One of them was a couple and rest all of us were single stags. Yes, you heard it right. After few drinks, one of my friends Joe was pretty tipsy.

1 day ago

5 Best Psychological Hacks to Approach a Girl in a Nightclub and Succeed

A weekend party in a nightclub is what you need to refresh your mind from the long boring week that you had. It is a great place to chill and hangout with your buddies but if you see a hot girl and get a chance to have a nice time with her, doesn't that sound great?

36 Wedding Night Tips To Have A Sizzling Start To Your Marriage!

Every month over 18000 people in India search for first night tips on Google. Just imagine the countless other ways Indians try to find answers and get themselves educated on first night tips before they go into their wedding night!

1 day ago

What a girl wants? Top 4 things you should know before approaching a hot chick

I am an introvert who loves sitting at home and chilling. It's not that I don't like hanging out with my buddies. It's just that my hangouts are different from yours. It's more like hanging in than hanging out. Trust me they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sujatha Sathya
21 hours ago


My daughter's best friend lost her father. Last year. She was in 5 th standard. Ten years old. She didn't cry. Or rather, I didn't see her cry. Two weeks later, when she came to our home, I didn't see her sad or mourning or weeping.

1 day ago

Your Love Killed Whatever Good Was Left in Me

There comes a time in everyone's life, when every secret answer associated with passwords and banking pin numbers revolve around the person you love the most. Seems funny! Isn't it? But this is true. We, the humans, are the most unimaginable, unrealistic, and selfish creatures on this motherly planet.

Mayank Bhatt
1 day ago

#569. चिंगारी झूठ की.. (Chingari Jhoot ki…)

Shayri in Hindi Font- सच्चाई को झूठ के पर्दे के पीछे मत ढक। जब सच्चाई की चिंगारी झूठ के पर्दे पर आग लगाएगी, तो तेरे हाथ जलेंगे और उसका दिल।। ( Hindi Shayari Image ) Shayri in Hinglish Font- ...

Balaka Basu
1 day ago

10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

I woke up to the ringing of my phone. Phone calls, early in the morning, scares me as they usually convey bad news. This time was no exception. Sanjana animatedly said from the other end "Do you know Bhushan is divorcing Geetha?"

Holding hands

I walk down the street and the sun is shining bright, I see them, their brisk walk, their grey hairs, but what I observe most is the holding hands! The hands are joined in a confident clasp, secured and yet relaxed, there is no tension. The hands reflect their relationship, the love and security in...

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