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Saru Singhal
4 years ago

I am Beautiful

Beautiful, As beautiful as work, Tanishq, Mia, Work, Belief

5 years ago

Moments In time n space~

Chasing Sunlight, the tendrils from luscious bougainvilleas envelop my drab, heedless mind-- asleep in ambiguous undertones. The pulsating colors melt, and spatter hues of wonder-years like sheets... The veering-visuals of 'a balloon-man, my mother's lacy, damask serviettes, hanging baskets of petunias and fuchsias, thunder and clouds burst, little daisies in my frock and me chasing and running after butterflies....

6 years ago

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Why is India still intolerant of its gay populace? A recent countrywide CNN-IBN survey revealed that we still live in quite a homophobic India. The poll which was primarily conducted in urban neighborhoods showed that as many as 73% Indians felt homosexuality should be considered illegal while 83% felt that homosexuality is not part of Indian culture and 90% of Indians won't give their house on rent to a gay or lesbian couple.

4 years ago

Milaap: Gift a smile this festive season!

An empty page rests on my table with an orange colored sketch pen on top. The barren nature of the sheet gestures me to write. "What is your hope for 2014, in one word?" What catches my attention is something in the finer print though.

S Deepak Karthik
6 years ago


I don't believe much in Religions and their ideologies, according to me GOD is someone who saves,protects,helps us in our needy time, i certainly don't believe in ONE god formula, according to me everyone has god and of course everyone has a devil inside us as well.

S Deepak Karthik
5 years ago

Shame Shame TOMMY shame !

We are going to a cinema theater now, don't worry i will not ask you a penny for tickets, IT'S FREE, are you ready ? 3...2...1.... Here we go.... "Dear Vivek, i love you dude...

Archana Kapoor
2 years ago

Inspiration From this moment on…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin There are a thousand things that come to my mind on a daily basis. Ideas, thoughts, brainwaves, the list is endless. Some things excite and motivate me a lot, and yet there are a lot of others which are very exciting but not do-able.

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