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Arvind Passey
1 day ago

The revolt against the revolution

If Vlogs are a revolution then Blogs are poised to revolt. Words on paper and words that peer at you through the screen of a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop have revolted and if you think the rev…

Dr.Amrita Basu
3 days ago

Eternal Question :Blogging or Vlogging?

The Eternal Question: Blogging or Vlogging? What will survive the test of time? Life death and everything in between is a myth. This life you see, has a past, present, future all running in parallel worlds. Truth and false all seems to be relative and so are Doomsday theories. At least for me. With the digital …

Partha Sadhukhan
4 days ago

Blogs Will Die Soon, Welcome To Vlogs

Readership survey shows that readership of all media sites are decreasing. When in reality more people are online, why people are not reading blogs. A perspective.

4 days ago

Is Writing Dying

In this age of the internet, we are consuming information twenty-four by seven. Smartphones have put in our pocket an entertainment & education system unlike any in the history of humankind. Fr…

Viral Bake
4 days ago

Watch These Badass Aunty's Dance Like Crazy On Daddy-Mummy Hai Nai Ghar Pe!

After the fever of Kiki challange has subdued, the trend to gain popularity by dancing on bollywood numbers is getting back on track. Watch these

Ankita Arora
4 days ago

Sneak Peek at Our Weekend at Timezone

  Friends, Fun and Games… That’s what sums up weekends for us in this household…yes, my hubby and I are both in our 30’s, but that doesn’t stop us from having som…

Priya Adivarekar
5 days ago

Shahid Kapoor to groove on Prabhudheva's hit dance track - Urvashi Urvashi

The 1994 hit dance number is being recreated by T-Series, and will be sung, composed by music producer Yo Yo Honey Singh

7 Latest Racing Games of 2018 And Beyond

There are different types of racing games available on Android which are loved by every type of generations. Check out the 7 latest racing games here!

Viral Bake
6 days ago

This Man Puts Even The Deadliest Of Snakes To Sleep With His Charm

A snake performer from Egypt is wooing the crowd with his crazy skills by putting dealdy snakes to sleep. Check out amazing photos of this snake charmer.

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