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Aakanksha Jain
1 day ago

Guest Post

Blogs with guest post. It's a book blog.

Viral Bake
2 days ago

Best Hack To Keep Your White Shirt Perfectly White

How can you keep your white shirt look brand new? Here is the hack you can do at home to remove all stains from white shirt.

Viral Bake
4 days ago

25 Pictures Of Sylvia Hotel In Canada That Magically Changes Color Every Season

The Sylvia hotel in Canada is famous. The Sylvia hotel changes colors with every season. Here are 25 pictures of Sylvia hotel.

Murtaza Ali
4 days ago

IFFI 2018 to open with the World Premiere of ‘The Aspern Papers’

The 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) will open with the World Premiere of ‘The Aspern Papers’ with international star cast.

Viral Bake
4 days ago

Against The Typical Indian Bahu Rules, Australian Woman Comes Up With A Sanskari Husband List Of Her Own

A Facebook post of an Australian woman has gone viral. The list states a number of rules for the man she married recently.

Maria Fraji
4 days ago

Marvel Comics Stan Lee Life story in Malayalam | Stan Lee Death

Stan Lee Life Story, the legendary writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel Comics. He is a real-life superhero to comic book lovers everywhere has died. He was 95.

I am not bored at all : I had an imaginary walk through strange places

I first went to the Advocate and had an emergency treatment for my illness with good arguments. While walking from the doctor clinic, I was hungry. I saw this Naidu shop, but I did not go inside as…

Viral Bake
5 days ago

Bollywood Movies That Will Make You Cry

The list of emotional Bollywood movies that will make you sad. Here's are top 10 Bollywood movies that are sure to make you cry.

Viral Bake
6 days ago

32 Every Day Idioms That Will Make You Look Smart

How to use idioms in your sentences? 32 idioms that you can every day. Idioms used in sentences to sound wiser and smarter.

Goblin Slayer Episode 7

Goblin Slayer Episode 7 is releasing on 18 November and this is going to be the most epic episode where we will see Goblin Slayer and Adventurers fighting Goblins Leader.

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