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Maitreni Mishra
12 hours ago

A Very Happy 18th Birthday to my Li’l Baby Anindhya!

A Very Happy 18th Birthday to my li'l Baby Anindhya A ritual I always followed, is to write a poem on each of her birthday!

Aditya Mankad
14 hours ago

City of Stars

The prompt was "Night sky, the moon, stars, and of a romantic tone" given by Nivid Desai.

The MagZone
22 hours ago

Libaas; Gulzar’s Unreleased Film to Hit Theaters After 29 Years

Gulzar saheb, the most revered poet and lyricist of all times turned 83 on 18th August, 2017. His Birthday Gift came a day late but it was sooner than the wait of 29 years. After a long 29 years of wait, Gulzar Saheb’s Libaas is set to hit the theaters in 2017 as announced by Zee …

15 hours ago


It is tough being a girl. In school or in college they never spoke how tough the outside world it would be. A poem talking about the false expectations on all the girls of the world.

16 hours ago

24 Roses

24 Roses Bunch of roses when were received by me that day, My love got quantified in many ways. No second thought was given and f...

My Friend

We all got a friend, who’s pleasin’ And is both fun and friendly She is one of the many reason That makes our college days plenty   She is funny and she is naughty She even fights with me some…

1 day ago


I coloured my hair clementine when I was with my ex. And now the colour is fading. Sad as I feel, I wish his memories would fade with it too. #fiction #poetry

1 day ago

আমাদের এক্কাদোক্কা জীবন

হারানো কবিতা'রা

MS Mahawar
2 days ago

Dahleez | Hopeless

जब कभी तेरी यादों से बातें होती हैं , रात की दहलीज़ पे बैठकर मेरी नींदे रोती हैं ♥♥

2 days ago

भोर: #NeverTooLate

         When I first saw the prompt, I was instantly reminded of the great achievers  who started off late or tasted success or met with their destiny very late in their lives like Colonel Sanders…

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