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Saru Singhal
7 hours ago

She reeks of cheap wine and broken heart

breakup poem, love poem,

22 hours ago

Mind Works!

a web of thoughts, in disarray a scene to avoid to stay sane

मित्र मंडली -78

Writing poetry, stories and travelogues gives me peace and joy. I present the way I see and feel...

1 day ago

Art, Poetry And Conversations

Many of my readers asked me why I have stopped posting poems and short fiction on blog and if I was making this a food blog. The answer is, No. It is true that I post a lot of recipes these days an…


तना झुक गया है, फिर भी, तन कर चुनौती दे रहा है, आने वाले समय की अनिश्चितता को । या झुक कर सलाम कर रहा है, सर पर तने नीले आकाश की ...

1 day ago

This so-called thing #Barathon @blogarhythm

I solemnly swear this poem was inspired by the prompt "the seven-year itch" for the last day of BarAthon.

2 days ago

Six minutes of fame

I want to be famous I want to be an icon I want millions of heart to shout my name I want those millions to shed tear on my funeral ...

Ballad of the Boy

There was once a little boy All of one and seven He picked a tattered tome Read it and went to heaven   Days and nights he sat With books around him spread Faraway lands and castles Knights an…

2 days ago

Crossroad of Life!

  Every time, I prayed to save a Life Settling all the rife But this time, I had to stand strong Praying to Almighty To minimize the suffering Of the caged soul. The Artificial Respiration &am…

2 days ago

The looking glass

If mirrors could talk, I'd demand to know Why it stays mum when I wear my make up too loud My lipstick too red, my kohl too dark Why ...

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