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9 hours ago

तिश्नगी : #BlogchatterA2Z

             मुक़म्मल जहाँ की प्यास किसे नहीं है | हम दिन रात बस थोड़ी और खुशी, थोड़े और रुपये, थोड़े इसकी थोड़े उसकी आस में बिता देते हैं | पर इस प्यास को बुझा पाना जितना आसान है उतना ही मुश्किल भ…

Shetall Ramsinghani
12 hours ago

Forest of forevers

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Pammi Singh
17 hours ago

मैं नारी खोज..

A blog about hindi poem and some day to day activity which was presented in poetic form.

15 hours ago

Shadow – Poem

This poem is the voice of a shadow that stays with us despite everything yet we fail to take notice of its presence.

Never are we Apart

Now, we part different ways Just from the college, but not in heart We’ll be together, for coming days As a part of one family, created by life’s art   You’ll be always forever the enrich And …

Drift words

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Jeena R Papaadi
2 days ago

Won or Lost

I set a deadline /For myself. /I didn't meet it. /So I cheated /And made it look /As though I had.

3 days ago

Would You…? – Poem

We often repel our loved ones due to the instability of our emotions. In this poem, the girl asks if her man would love her despite her flaws.

Vyom Soni
2 days ago

नासिर काज़मी by Vyom Soni

Personal Blog on Hindi, Urudu and Punjabi poetry


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