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Jayanthy G
23 hours ago

Wednesday Verses: A Different Light

Who is the better teacher than loss? How a loss teaches more about life than anything

Shreya Dutta
1 day ago

Your Melody, My Muse

4+ I walk towards the vehicle, all dressed in black. Bidding adieu, and hoping that you are being sent to a better place.   Ballet slippers still on my feet My feelings are bittersweet. Etched in my head is your body covered in peat. I imagine a life without you, But that life seems incomplete. Read more about Your Melody, My Muse…

Reema Dsouza
1 day ago

#WednesdayVerses : Different

I may not be, The way you want me to be. For you only see, How different I turned out to be. We invite you all to join us with your own poems on the prompt. Write on your blogs, and link up with #WednesdayVerses. Prompt #16 is “ Different ”

Ayush Pandey
2 days ago

नई-पुरानी, वही कहानी

Aren’t we still stuck in the same loop,just ask yourself,if you are really doing it differently or repeating that same old story?

ये शहर.. कैसा है ये शहर?

मुंबई शहर पर एक बाहरी व्यक्ति की सोच, एक कविता के रूप में..

Shreya Dutta
2 days ago

Little Girl

I was lost in the depth of talks, Until she sat next to me in her frilled frock. She was unaware of the flaunts she made, Sitting quietly provoked me to gaze. Thinking of her made me so calm That I forgot all world's harm.

Vyom Soni
1 day ago

हुमैरा राहत by Vyom soni

Personal Blog on Hindi, Urudu and Punjabi poetry

Shreya Dutta
2 days ago

The Better Me

Among the beautiful constellations I may be a curious comet, Not stable and secure like others But moving randomly to fit better with them. I may be lesser pebble among the shiny jems, But can be a strengthening support for a memorable monument.

3 days ago


  That deviant sensation Those eccentric talks That ravaging ignorance Those unuttered locutions Life was all upside down Those agitations were coming along Trying to figure out What’s going wrong Both were perturb Both were squalling Asking one another For

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