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Ashish Gupta
3 weeks ago

Why is Modi center of Pakistan elections 2018?

Pakistan is gearing up for an election, with people going to cast their votes today for the National Assembly Elections. It’s an important movement in the democracy which has never seen a stable government since its inception in 1947 and it needs to be seen if this government is able to retain its power in the selected period. Ruled by governments which have not completed their terms and military rule which has caused much chaos in the Pakistani society, these elections come at a very critical

Shivam Kaushik
1 month ago

How to defeat BJP: Electoral tactics alone can not do it

No, illogical coalitions are not the answer to the abovestated problem, well not at least in my view because the resultant mess would n...

Anand Kumar R.S
1 month ago

Time to end the Post Poll Alliance Plot!

Ever since H.D. Kumaraswamy became the Chief Minister of Karnataka through a post poll alliance between his party JD(S) and the Congress, he and Karnataka have been in the news, mostly for all the …

1 month ago

Kashmir Issue and Ram Mandir

Kashmir Issue and Ram Mandir From last 30 years two issues are making headlines in Indian media: Kashmir problem and Ayodhya Ram M...

Ashish Gupta
1 month ago

Which party will win the Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018?

It is time for the tough battle to be fought in the Centre of the country in 2018. Who will win the race to the CM? Will Congress be finally able to rule or will BJP retain the seat for the 4th consecutive time? Elections in Madhya Pradesh this time is going to revolve around these two parties only that is a given. While SP and BSP might look to enter into a battleground, it will do so only with a very small share or will boost the fortune of Congress party by allying with them. The Mungaoli and

2 months ago

Recent Bypolls and the fundatuon of a United Opposition

The recent bypolls came as a shock to the BJP led government. the BJP government which would head for the Lok Sabha Elections early next year would not have definitely thought of receiving such res…

2 months ago

Reduce elections -save Public money

Indian media are possessed with  three things Cricket, Cinema and Corruption. Wherever money comes in to play  corruption is bound to be th...

pranita deshpande
3 months ago

Importance of Independance

Value of independence ask to parrots who is sitting in the cage, ask to any person who is in the prison without any reason, ask to any person who are caught in any difficult situation.

Ashish Gupta
3 months ago

Karnataka Election 2018 exit polls predict hung assembly

After the casting of votes in Karnataka, the exit polls are giving all signs of a hung assembly. With BJP winning but not reaching the majority mark. Hence JDS seems to be the kingmaker as per the analysis of various Karnataka Election 2018 exit polls.

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