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3 weeks ago

Recent Bypolls and the fundatuon of a United Opposition

The recent bypolls came as a shock to the BJP led government. the BJP government which would head for the Lok Sabha Elections early next year would not have definitely thought of receiving such res…

1 month ago

Reduce elections -save Public money

Indian media are possessed with  three things Cricket, Cinema and Corruption. Wherever money comes in to play  corruption is bound to be th...

pranita deshpande
1 month ago

Importance of Independance

Value of independence ask to parrots who is sitting in the cage, ask to any person who is in the prison without any reason, ask to any person who are caught in any difficult situation.

Ashish Gupta
1 month ago

Karnataka Election 2018 exit polls predict hung assembly

After the casting of votes in Karnataka, the exit polls are giving all signs of a hung assembly. With BJP winning but not reaching the majority mark. Hence JDS seems to be the kingmaker as per the analysis of various Karnataka Election 2018 exit polls.

Mayur K
1 month ago

Shivaji Maharaj history in Hindi | शिवाजी महाराज का इतिहास

Shivaji Maharaj history in Hindi language with all information about Shivaji Maharaj Rajyabhishek & biography in Hindi, शिवाजी महाराज का इतिहास.

Ashish Gupta
1 month ago

Four Major Challenges to BJP’s bold claim of winning Karnataka election

The Karnataka election race has seen it all from demands for linguistic dominance to separate flags, from invoking Pulkesin II to King Harshvardhan. Let us journey through the recent and some old blocks which can jeopardize the dreams of BJP’s clean sweep in Karnataka election.

Ashish Gupta
1 month ago

4 key Factors which can help BJP in Karnataka Elections

With Karnataka elections approaching, the question is if Modi would be able to divert the elections in favour of BJP?  Let us examine the various factors which reflect positive signs of BJP winning the Karnataka Elections.

1 month ago

Why Modi Is Invincible

As exit polls indicate a clear majority or a hung assembly with BJP emerging as the single largest party, we analyze the reasons behind PM Modi's invincibility.

Farouk Gulsara
1 month ago

We did our way - Malaysian Tsunami!

A site about growing up in Penang, Malaysia in the 70s, the blogger's thought, unique sense of humour and train of thought on current events!

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