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Ankit Mahato
1 day ago

Splitwise Easter Egg - Lots of Bunnies!

I recently came across this gem of an Easter Egg hidden in plain sight. Seems like the developers of Splitwise adore cute bunny pics. ...

Microtale 9

"Got it?" - The teacher asked Students nodded their head. Everyone was sleep-stricken Nobody understood what she said.

Snippet 8

A singer was born. A dancer was born. Even a wise person was born. But only during showers!

I Can’t Let Go

Ppppsssshhhh. Starting a post is always hard. Diamonds and steel carbide blades aren't as hard as staring at an empty page with a judgemental cursor, blinking at you in a condescending manner. But enough of the jokes, at least the bad ones. Because I'm usually too lazy or self-conscious to do so.

I Suck At Being Productive

What's the best way to be productive and get work done? Probably not the way I get things done. The way I get work done is a trademarked method involving tons of procrastination, lots of general incompetence and an obsessive attention to detail that actually gets in the way of completion of said task.

Sarcasm 9

That moment when the teacher asks a difficult question and somehow you managed to make it right.

Sarcasm 8

FREE HUGS Nobody gave a notice. FREE WIFI The place got crowded. Even technology got the better of man.

Sarcasm 7

A 4 letter word that has more power to bring them close to you WIFI

Sarcasm 6

Nobody Likes Me!

Shweta Suresh
3 days ago

six word story #2: Wicked

Substituted salt for sugar. Revenge accomplished. Written in response to the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge prompt: Wicked Thanks to Nicola Auckland for hosting this amazing challenge! :) The Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge is a weekly prompt for flash fiction writers.

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