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soumya mukherjee
2 years ago

Ajay Sharma smuggles booze, his new adventure

Ajay Sharma smuggles booze His new adventure Ajay Sharma was posted to the dry state of Gujarat. He was happy as he was a teetotaller and quite sick of the crudeness and corruption of the badlands …

5 years ago

My Surprise gift to my Mom

My Surprise Gift to my Mom on her Birthday and her reaction to the same. Want to know more details, tune in to read further.

Suchita Agarwal
5 years ago

Intentions make the world go round

That time of the year – people are making resolutions, some have broken them already, some are rallying around the idea, some are talking about pending resolutions from 2015 like it is a TBR&…

5 years ago

A Misplaced Resolution, Missing Pillars and some Banter

This one takes on the resolution passed and then disowned by AAP plus on the sledging by Dilliwalah Rishabh Pant downunder

5 years ago

It’s fun being a ‘har-topic-wali’ blogger!

Come February, Cybernag would complete nine years, one shy of a decade. And just like that, I began thinking of the beginning…. I had started blogging at a time when blogging was still ‘web l…

5 years ago

Do you know when I will become a teacher?

Being a teacher is always fun and I enjoy teaching small kids younger than me. Do you want to know what I will be doing when I become a teacher?

Bhavik Sarkhedi
5 years ago

Top & Best Stand Up Comedians in India

2018 was a good year for comedy. Dealing with anxieties, monday blues, relationship struggles we all need something to refresh our minds. With rising platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc. giving a stage to leading comics, the comedy scene...

5 years ago

हनुमान जी, आप खुद ही आकर क्यों नहीं बताते कि आपकी जाति क्या हैं?

आजकल देश में हनुमान जी की जाति बताने की होड मची हुई हैं। असल में हनुमान जी कौन सी जाति के थे...इस बात का फैसला कैसे होगा? हे हनुमान जी, आप खुद ही आकर क्यों नहीं बताते कि आपकी जाति क्या हैं?

Manas Mukul
5 years ago

The State of Happiness

It was an early Sunday morning. Around 5 am he shook me out of my slumber. He signaled me to be extremely cautious and not make any noise. He hated waking up people but on Sundays, he would make an…

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