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Viral Bake
1 day ago

5 reasons Why Google Images Think That Donald Trump Is An Idiot

According to Google image search Donald Trump is an idiot. Don't believe me, check by yourself and read why Google think Donald Trump is an idiot.

Ritwik anshuman
3 days ago

The Thinkers

an aging wine of never ending wisdom

Ashwini Nawathe
4 days ago

Ten Commandments of the Mumbai locals!

Mumbai locals, a much cliched topic in a Mumbaikar’s life! Nearly everyone has at least once traveled in the cramp packed ‘life-line’ of Mumbai. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the trains are more like a battle field! You have to charge inside bellowing your battle cries “chala chala laukar uttra” ( alight fast) or “andar jao na!” (Go inside). And likewise you have to be armed with your strong will, your elbows and anything and everything that might help you to cut your w

Viral Bake
3 days ago

14 Men's Guilty Pleasures That They Shouldn't Be Embarrassed Off

Every men think about thinks they shouldn't have but they can't help the thought becuase of these are one of the Men's Guilty Pleasures.

गांव का मेला - हास्य व्यंग

Hindi Hasya Vyang Gaon Ka Mela. गांव का मेला हास्य व्यंग हिंदी में। चलिए जरा मेला घूमकर आते हैं गांव का हंसी मजाक के साथ Funny Story Gaon Mela.

Babit Kumar
1 week ago

Siblings Poses बचपन से बड़े होने तक एक जैसे पोज़

Siblings Poses बचपन से लेकर बड़े होने तक एक जैसे पोज़ में फ़ोटो खिंचवाना वाकई में एक शानदार चीज़ है यादों को ताज़ा रखने की। देखिये ये

1 week ago

How to make Grinch Happier?

Christmas is fast approaching as December month has started isn’t it? My friend and granddad Santa is busy in wrapping all the gifts.  But here comes the problem. Grinch is coming to steal away the Christmas. I learnt this story in my Montessori house last week. My aunty there and also the other elder kids … Continue reading How to make Grinch Happier? →

बेमतलब समाचार - हास्य व्यंग!

Bematlab Samachar Funny Story. चलिए सुनते हैं बेमतलब समाचार हास्य व्यंग। हास्य व्यंग News Room Comedy मनोज रसिया और चंचल रसिया की मजाकिया बातें।

1 week ago

Little Princess turns into?

Kids, Toddlers, Stories by Toddlers, Toddler views on world, Kids Stories, Toddler Adventures, Adventures by kids

2 weeks ago

A Postponed Concert, Cops & a Web Series

Trolls made AAI back out of TM Krishna's concert. AAP moved in to hold the concert. This and more on the issue of Delhi Police's accountability in this blog.

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