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Amit Misra
12 hours ago

Reflection–71: Allahabad Becomes Prayagraj

Reference: UP cabinet clears proposal to rename Allahabad as Prayagraj, The Indian Express, October 16, 2018. For other Reflections, Click Here.

Suchita Agarwal
2 days ago

How to be the perfect older sibling: a guide

My sister will turn 24 soon. And that means she is going through all the things that I went through when I was that age. It also means that I can offer her unique insight into how not to freak out …

'मी टू' की बहस के बीच 'मी टू'

हालांकि ऐसा कुछ है नहीं फिर भी सचेत तो रहना पड़ेगा न। जब से 'मी टू' से जुड़े किस्से कब्र से बाहर आए हैं, मेरा बीपी थोड़ा बढ़-सा गया है। बचपन...

इतना बुरा भी नहीं भूलना

हालांकि अभी मैं उस भूलने-भालने वाली उम्र में नहीं मगर फिर भी भूलने लगा हूं। कभी भी कुछ भी कैसे भी भूल जाता हूं। दो-चार दफा तो अपने घर का...

Viral Bake
6 days ago

10 Reasons Why Falling Sick On The Weekend Sucks

What happens when you fall sick on weekend? 10 things that you miss doing especially when you fall sick over a weekend. Don't fall sick on weekend.

Suchita Agarwal
1 week ago

Things they don’t tell you about writing

You would hope, think, assume that the hardest part of being a writer would be writing. In case you missed the heavy dose of sarcasm in that line, let me tell you, writing is the easiest part of be…

Kala Ravi
1 week ago

Backscratchers Inc.

Relax-N-Rave. Thoughts, Words and Fun.

Manas Mukul
1 week ago

When I Tell the Truth

When I tell the truth… I was returning from the temple back to my room. She was walking on the other side of the road with her roommate. Both of them were my classmates too. I closed my eyes, silen…

1 week ago

Shell Shocked

Photo Prompt © Sandra Crook The professor was distraught.  Only yesterday the young lady had agreed to his bumbling request of spend...

Ankit Mahanta
1 week ago

The Gangs of Swami-Pur: The Indian Godmen

A blog which contains random things related to daily life. If you are bored, hop in to my site and have a go!

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