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kannan narayanan
3 hours ago


      A needle point, we may be able to observe by naked eye.  The bacterium is comparable to the needle point.  It can be observed ...

kannan narayanan
2 days ago


     In our daily life, we usually measure mass.  What is mass exactly?  Put a small child on a swing and push it.  You can easily do ...

Everything is Information. My thoughts.

The author's analysis behind the concept, Everything is Information.

Amit kumar
1 week ago


Have you ever wondered how a foldable mobile phone was made? How the water proof systems were made? How the curved LED televisions are ruling the world today? Can we ever imagine a world where the tyres of vehicles don’t get wearied out? Can we ever purify the polluted air that gets into our home? …

Why Do Wind Turbines Have 3 Blades?

Most of you seen a wind turbine while travelling or while roaming at places. You see that 3 blades are there in wind turbine. Did you ever think why only 3 blades, and why not 4 or something else?

Can blood power your battery?

We all know about batteries that they are used to store charge. But do you know, a type of battery is under testing which uses our blood glucose to store charge.

The fact behind Hydrodynamic Levitation

Everyone must have played with water and ball. But do you know water and ball play with each other in a situation?

Mystery behind Prince Rupert's Drop

Did you ever break a glass? I hope most of you did. But do you know, there is a glass which is unbreakable? Even a hammer or a bullet didn’t break that glass. Want to try to break it…

Working of electric locomotive

working of an electric rail engine…

Working of diesel locomotive

working of a diesel rail engine…

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