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Puneet Bansal
5 days ago

DELHI, smarter and better than before! #CelebratingSuper

Diwali, a festival of lights has arrived. Do not waste the efforts of Vodafone or any other initiatives taken and support towards a better tomorrow

B S Vohra
5 days ago

A proud environment-friendly Vodafone family of Delhi

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nikita das
5 days ago

#CelebratingSuper in Delhi/NCR!

This Diwali, with the ban of crackers & an effort to being more environmentally friendly, Vodafone has taken many initiatives to make Delhi into a smart city &a better city. From their “Green Diwali campaign to multiple other initiatives over the years ,Vodafone, Celebrating Super, made sure that Delhi remains green, clean & connected to each other! The most important initiative taken to enable Delhi/NCR live a super life is to ban the sale of crackers this Diwali. In an effort to transform th

Abhishek kumar
1 week ago

Support the change you want to see around you #CelebratingSuper

Vodafone India and other organisations are playing their part in celebrating a super Diwali. You can too..

Satish Pai
6 days ago

National Geographic Magazines

My relationship with NatGeo is a little kinda ironic. On the rare occasion when there was a great deal on their subscription I took the pl...

Deeshani Batra
6 days ago

Cheers to Dilli #CelebratingSuper

Delhi- The heart of India, is indeed the land of dreams. Where many dreams originate and many get the wings while many are subdued and many...

Satish Saxena
6 days ago

तुम मुझे क्या दोगे - सतीश सक्सेना

A blog of Hindi Poems and social articles by Satish Saxena, Noida, India

Kalyan Panja
6 days ago

New Delhi - The State of the Green City

In recent years we have also seen improvements through a sustained anti-firecracker campaign. The appeals for a more environment-friendly Green Diwali is working.

6 days ago

4th of July vs. Deepawali – Community or Egoistic Celebrations

Supreme Court is being blamed for stepping in to save us from our own mistakes. With lung cancer quadrupled in

6 days ago

Little Know ways Vodafone is making a difference in Delhi/NCR #CelebratingSuper

Did you know Vodafone Delhi has multiple projects in our Nation’s Capital and its surroundings that making a lot of positive impact?

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