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Love of the Destroyer, For a new Me

Love of the Destroyer, For a new Me, is an imaginary conversation with my beloved Shiva. What would have Lord Shiva told me?

1 day ago


When thousands are rescued thousands of others are affected. The calamity is vast and unending.Kerala needs help from every corner of the world. 

2 days ago

An overview of the flood situation in Pathanamthitta Kerala

Some of you under the threat of flood in Pathanamthitta Kerala will read this and make the decision to reach a safer place before the situation worsens.

Pradeep Nair
4 days ago

Reduce pollution with seed flags on Independence Day

Photo courtesy: The Times of India Today is Independence Day in India. It's 71 years since the British left the subcontinent in 1947. L...

Vidya Vasudevan
5 days ago

From tree to table

The journey is long necessitating some planning and forethought. Many are the pitfalls. Sometimes the unexpected happens. The journe...

Vidya Vasudevan
6 days ago

Under the weather

I think... I'd just like a quick peek into a mirror coz I don't look my usual serene self. Something's been happening. A creamy n...

SK Srinivas
5 days ago

Phool khile hain … Lalbagh flower show.

The flower show at Lalbagh is on!

Gaj Mahotsav – You have to be thick skinned like an Elephant to miss this event

The Wildlife Trust of India and Ministry of Environment have organised Gaj Mahotsav. The focus is to raise awareness about Asiatic elephants. It is a first and kudos to this project. This is what w…

5 days ago

Kuling: One Storm, One Village, Many Lives In Danger

Have you heard about Kuling? It is a small village located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It lies 179 km away from Dehradun. It has a mere population of 300 people, and it is existence is on the the verge of disappearance.

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