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Niviya Vas
1 week ago

Of Women, Men, and all things Equal

I hope you’re not one of those feminists!

Pradeep Nair
1 week ago

Judge me, but judge me right

Judging others, and others judging us -- such a common thing, but very contentious. Among the common triggers are: dress, accent, physica...

Farouk Gulsara
2 weeks ago

No fake news!

A site about growing up in Penang, Malaysia in the 70s, the blogger's thought, unique sense of humour and train of thought on current events!

Punish A Muslim?

I don't know how many of you have seen this on the internet about the speciality of the day April 3rd, which is 'Punish A Muslim' Day in th...

Vidhi Duggal
2 weeks ago

Stay at home mom vs. working mom: Neighbourhood speaks

I have been a working mom as well as a stay at home. I do think that to take a decision in either ways is tough. But in the end, she knows what will work best for her family and if she decides eith…

Shesha Chaturvedi
2 weeks ago

Blame him, not her

They were plaguing their daughter-in-law for their miseries. They always said she corrupted their son. She was accused of every misery a...

Why can

My faith in Shirdi Sai Baba.

Shesha Chaturvedi
2 weeks ago

Career and compromise: women story

Sir, as we said earlier your daughter can work, we are open minded and understand she has a career too. But she disregards home, she comes ...

Tina Acharya
2 weeks ago

B for Badass, Bold but Beautiful!!

Ball point, yellow, yellow stick, mother ,blog about honesty, love, motherhood

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