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1 day ago

The ability of a Women !!

The ability of a woman is her kind heart where she bestows her love for others forever . Where her smile on the face can increase your determination to the highest level. The ability of a woman is …
4 days ago

Durga Puja Street Graffiti In Kolkata Honors Life And Struggles Of Sex Workers

To project the life and struggles of the sex workers, a 350 feet long street graffiti was unveiled in North Kolkata. The graffiti was a strong message for the society who treats sex workers less.

Sakshi Varma
4 days ago

The Multitasking Woman – You call her Durga …. But is that what she wants…?

… Maybe not. Maybe she will thank you for the appreciation, but chances are that she would prefer you give her a hand, and help free some of hers. Who is she? She is the ‘modern’ woman, aka multita…

Rumi Mahanta Dutta
3 weeks ago

Adultery no longer a criminal offense in India, but it doesn

Declaring adultery as no more an criminal offence by the Supreme Court leads some people to worry about sanctity of marriage. The Suprem...
3 weeks ago

Smashing Age-old Tradition, SC Lifts Ban- Women Of All Ages Can Enter Sabarimala Temple

Smashing age-old tradition of not allowing women between ages of 10 to 50 years to enter Kerala's Sabarimala temple, the Supreme Court today ruled that women of all ages can enter the temple premises.

Vishal Bheeroo
3 weeks ago

Dusting off archaic Adultery law: Moral vs legal

“Autonomy is intrinsic in dignified human existence and Section 497 denudes women from making choices and held adultery as a relic of past. Legislature has imposed a condition on sexuality of…

Vivek Patwardhan
3 weeks ago

Rooney Rule And Discrimination

Structural Discrimination must be addressed to overcome the problem. Reservation is inadequate solution.

Nirmalya Ghosh
3 weeks ago

Dark Is Beautiful: Fighting Against Society for Skin Color

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4 weeks ago

Dating Your Own Down Under by Pooja Priyamvada

“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.” Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues In the latest Bollywood film “Veere Di Wedding” one of the characters Sakshi Soni played by Swara Bhaskar has a brief scene in which her husband walks on her while she is masturbating …

Rumi Mahanta Dutta
4 weeks ago

When do you need a LAWYER ? A Checklist

When do you need a lawyer  ? A checklist  People have misconception that hiring a lawyer can be a pretty much expensive. So they d...

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