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Dipika Singh
4 days ago

Broken Feathers – Now Soar High

When aspirations meet pressure from peers & society; what would a daughter do? Break her dreams or drift away to live her dream...

Mansi Mittal
5 days ago

Freedom From Shaming #freedom from bias

I still have vivid memory of that day. It was a beautiful bright, colorful day which turned into my worst nightmare.I was thirteen year old fun loving , carefree girl then. Dressed in my favorite a…

Period Leave Can Wait, Fertility Leave Can’t | Acknowledge Infertility Exists

Acknowledge infertility exists by having provision for fertility leave. Remove the shame and social taboo around the issue of infertility.

Respect and Love: Better Earned than being in Shackles.

[The following post is a personal and subjective take on the issue. Any offence is deeply regretted, or maybe not. Read it till the end an...

Hena Jose
2 weeks ago

Sanitary napkins, New age Pollutant

Sanitary napkins move to landfills, located at city outskirts, where they will wait for their turn to get decomposed....600-800 Years

Suman Kher
2 weeks ago

Lipstick Under My Burqa: My Thoughts

Photo credit (Spoiler alert: Read on if you don't mind spoilers) Lipstick under my burqa - a powerful film that has forced me ou...

Ash Gopalani
3 weeks ago

How To Slaughter A Cow?

Slaughtering has never been easier & more radical.

Akshata Ram
1 month ago

The incredible life of a working mom!

A blogger friend sent me this quote and it resonated so well that I had to preserve it among my favorite ones As a working mom, I could relate to this so well, its stingingly true. With women out t…

Akshata Ram
3 weeks ago

Being Myself- Unapologetic

The perfectly cooked, neither burnt nor raw, round chapatis laden with desi ghee neatly stacked one on top of the other lay in the casserole. Dal tadka and aloo shaak, peas pulao and boondi raita- …

Breaking Stereotype - Family Life Situations

When it comes to physical abuse in a family, we are often part of that stereotype which considers men as the culprit. Let's break this thought!

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