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SK Srinivas
6 days ago

Myself Madrasi. Hindi theriyaad macha!

Recently, I was a witness to a scene that is familiar to most "Madrasis": I was in a government Volvo bus to the airport. A Kannada radio channel was playing on the PA system. And, a gentleman from the non-southern part of India told the conductor to play Hindi songs instead.

3 weeks ago


Yay its story time-little Shreya chuckled, lying cozily in her mother's lap. "Today I want to hear story of snow white". Mumma smiled and started the story "There was this pretty girl who was fair as snow, soft as cotton and the prettiest girl in the world"... and the story went on...

Karthik Deva
1 month ago

The Final Solution

"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." Nearly 6 million European Jews were ruthlessly killed by Adolf Hitler during the second World War. From 1941 to 1945, Jews were methodically murdered in which is still considered to be one of the 'deadliest genocide in human history' Nearly 42,500 detention facilities were used by the Nazis to imprison Jews and carry out flagrant violations of Human rights.

1 month ago


Candles Online We've all known that nosy kid in school who loved to tease and taunt us for having a broken shoe, or funny hair, or being on the heavier side. Yes, we all hated him. Many of us have also know adults who taunt out of habit, maybe not because they mean harm, but because taunting is a part of their behavior now.

umashankar pandey
1 month ago

Hangmen of April

Come April and I am awash with phone calls from friends and colleagues about how they fared in the annual performance appraisals. Certain lesions of the past rendered unmentionable on this blog due to reasons of propriety, have bestowed the robe of Agony Aunt upon me.

1 month ago

এবার নূতন বছরে একটু তোমায় চাই মা

জীবনের কিছু কিছু মুহূর্তে হয়ত সবকিছু থমকে যায়। ট্রেনের জানলা দিয়ে দূরের বাড়ির ছাদ দেখতে দেখতে মনটা হটাৎ এই খেয়ালেই থমকে গেলো- আচ্ছা ঐ ছাদের তলায় কেমন গোছানো একটা সংসার আছে? কেমন ভাবে তারা কো

Kajal Mishra
1 month ago

We are public figures, not public property – Begum Jaan!

Vidya Balan starring film Begum Jaan directed by the National Film Award-winning director Srijit Mukherji and produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt and Play Entertainment has been released on 14 April i.e. yesterday. Set against the backdrop of country's partition with Pakistan in 1947, the story revolves around a brothel on the border that is ...

Akshata Ram
1 month ago

Is she working? How much does she earn? Who manages her money?

Mr and Mrs S and their toddler live in my residential complex. Mr S is an engineer who works in one of the software companies. Mrs S who is a post graduate stays at home taking care of the toddler. Mrs S's son and my daughter play together , being almost of the same age.

Geethica Mehra
1 month ago

E-Encouragement | Thoughts by Geethica

Moving with the challenge, today I want to tell you about the strength of my writing; E-ENCOURAGEMENT. Do I need to tell the meaning? Through me personal experience, it is the driving force behind my success. The act of inspiring... There is more to it

Garima Nag
1 month ago

8 Genuine Ways To Appreciate A Woman- Without Being Sexist

What do people usually say when they appreciate a woman? You are so pretty, no wonder you got the promotion! You are so lucky, your husband lets you work. Despite being a woman, you have done an incredible job! Heard any of these before? Sure you did.

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