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Anshul Kumar
4 days ago

How it feels to be Discriminated in India by Fellow Indians

My first-hand experience of feeling discriminated by a fellow Indian was when I was at a posh restaurant in Colaba. The patron kept us waiting outside, telling us that the seats are not available w…

ED Times
1 week ago

These Poor Men Were Objectified In This Ad, Can We Get Over It Already?

We have placed Suistudio's campaign's pictures where men were objectified alongside other ad campaigns objectifying women forever now! 

1 week ago

#InternationalGirlChildDay – Love your Girls! But …

A couple of days back I happened to meet an acquaintance of my mother’s who did not look in the best of her spirits. When I cautiously prodded her on…

Nabanita Dhar
1 week ago

#FeministMondays | Women On Television

Have you seen how women are portrayed on television?

1 week ago

An open letter to #BengaluruMetro passengers

#BengaluruMetro has been a boon to many of us, cutting down travel time and the

Dr.Amrita Basu
1 week ago

#MondayMommyMoments 41:Celebrating the Girl Child and Diwali

On Diwali, we pray to Goddess Laxmi to bless us with peace prosperity and wellbeing.Why does a section of Indians kill unborn girl child?Anyone who has refused to love and honour the women of their family and refuses to celebrate the birth of a girl child forgets that Maa Laxmi is a woman. October is …

2 weeks ago


The query: “At Auschwitz, tell me, where was God?” And the answer: “Where was man?” ― William Styron, Sophie’s Choice I have lived my life haunted by The demons of the past,…

Dr.Amrita Basu
4 weeks ago

Infertility in India:The Truth no one told you

Nisha Duggal successfully climbed several rungs of the corporate ladder when she finally decided to ‘hit’ the next milestone i.e, having a baby. Now even after five years, she is still ‘trying’ to hit that milestone. Days, however, turned into months and months into years as Nisha, now 40, has so far spent lakhs of …

Farouk Gulsara
1 month ago

Yet to see the labour of her fruit...

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