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Narrative Of Deception

I saw two movies, though not consecutively, belonging to the same genre – suspense thrillers with an incomplete end which left a lot for the audience to ruminate over. A comparative analysis …

Where is the Lamp post?

A hyperactive dog is looking for a lamppost while photographers are waiting for a good photo op. The Chennai Photowalk. Retorwalk #56 Korattur Lake

Photowalker’s prayer

Friend and lead photowalker, N Ramaswamy in action at the Mutharamman temple, Korattur. Seen through the Trishul. Ram, as he is known, is an HR professional, a passionate photographer and an avid b…

Moumita De Sarkar
5 days ago

The Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all, a big thank you to Gayathry for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am very happy that your blog The Quill got nominated too.

Jayanta Ghadei
1 week ago

When you have big dreams then your dreams will find runway to takeoff to the skies one day

Hello everyone ! I am Ankisha Aggarwal. I am fashion, beauty, technical ,travel and a food blogger. You can say that I want to showcase my life through the lense of my camera. I was average kind of a student in my school and college days and belongs to business class family background. After my …

Amitava Nath
5 days ago

Courtship of birds | Some amazing facts

This is an article about some courtship rituals of birds, how male birds attracts females

Pushkar Mehta
1 week ago


  Writing, it’s just a small word with huge amount of emotion’s in it. You might think it’s funny that how single word could have huge amount of emotion’s in it, are you? So let me explain you…

Pushkar Mehta
1 week ago


There were many reason’s because of which we all started writing. Some of us must have started because writing was their hobby, they started writing just to feel good and express their views to oth…

2 weeks ago

Six Months As A Watercolourist

I painted this last night {for an art challenge}. And, I am kind of happy with this painting, with my effort. Honestly, it was som...

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