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Saru Singhal
9 years ago

Quote Unquote ~ 9/365

Music, Life, Noises, Cacophony, Words, Quotations

Dr. Nidhi Joshi
1 year ago

She Believed, She Could, So She Did - Priyanka Hansa

Priyanka Hansa "When plan A doesn't work, remember there are 25 more alphabets", this best describes Priyanka's spirit and approach to life....

Pooja Mahimkar
1 year ago

How To Raise Butterflies In Your Balcony | Urban Gardening | Butterfly | Mumbai, India | Butterfly

Want to know how to take care of Butterflies and watch them grow from a caterpillar to into a beautiful butterfly? Watch this video! ♥ Please Subscribe, Like...

Shweta Suresh
2 years ago

30 Things to do during while staying at home during the lockdown! #StayAtHome #BeatLockdownBlues

The lockdown in India has been extended up to May 3rd! So I decided it was about time to come up with a list of activities to deal with the lockdown blues. I’ve spend nearly 23 days trying ou…

Parwati singari
2 years ago

To Pen a Letter.

The long bell rang, it 12.30 on a Saturday.  The school closed early. My brother and I would rush home, not only because we got longer play time, but because it was the day we got letters. From Aha…

Shruti Mishra
2 years ago


“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

Amitava Nath
2 years ago

Black-necked Stork

Welcome Bird lovers.This is Welcome page of Birds of India blog which is about identification of Indian Birds, Bird Sanctuary and Birding spot of India

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