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Ann Geo
4 hours ago

How to Make Photo Magnets!

There are all sorts of cool magnets available in the market, but photo magnets are much more personal. Here is an easy DIY tutorial for you to create some unique magnets to decorate your fridge. Wh…

3 days ago

What a Chance Photography Lesson Taught Me about Writing by Sona Grover

Being Stuck Feeling stuck is a commonplace thing. We get into a routine and before long into a rut. Creatively, it has happened to me in my writing. I was writing well, being productive, finding much joy and then things

Interview with Pragati Sidana (Foodforsoul13)

Interview with a raw and budding writer of Instagram, the sole owner of Foodforsoul13 account, Pragati Sidana. I asked her a few questions on, how her journey has been on Instagram until now.

Pradeep Nair
5 days ago

Early morning habits and routine

Cubbon Park in Bengaluru. Photo courtesy: K. Murali Kumar/The Hindu A good start to a day always makes a difference. It sets the tone a...

1 week ago

Drawing Captain America from Civil war

Here is a portion of my pencil drawing from the Civil War movie. More of this on the way. I think this is the only drawing that I worked more frequently. I liked how it came out. I hope the rest of…

Kishor Kumar
1 week ago

Key ways to turn your garage into a brand new bedroom

When you and your family are using all the bedrooms in your house, and you have guests who want to spend the night there, where would you let them sleep? Your living room couch? A couple of air mattresses set up on the floor? Your guests shouldn’t have to make do with sleeping in uncomfortable …

Savio Paes
1 week ago

Collection, Displacement & the Indian Home

The average Indian is very attached to their belongings. It isn’t easy when they have to part from things that we’ve have kept carefully over months & years. Then there would eventu…

Anupriya Kumari
1 week ago


What makes people feel that dance is beautiful? There is no proper answer to this question. “Dance is an emotion” but what kind of emotion? It’s just action!

Anupriya Kumari
1 week ago


There must’ve been some reason behind the fact that you are blogging today. What is it? Ever wondered?

Navaneeth AK
2 weeks ago

The 20 Questions tag – Questions tag for book lovers

I was recently browsing through posts on my reader, one thing led to another and was on the 20 Questions tag post by Priyasha. Went through the first two questions before deciding to do the 20 ques…

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