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Debolina Coomar
12 hours ago

5 Exciting Home Decor Ideas – BananiVista!

Your home personifies you and you know best what to do with it. However, sometimes you keep hunting and browsing for ideas to give your home a different look- maybe a new piece of furniture, some q…

Shama Perveen
1 day ago

Bara Immambara - The Edible fort

My visit to Lucknow turned into a huge amazement when i visited the Nawab palace - Bara Immambara, and learned about the archietural wonder.

Zigna Pamnani
2 days ago

Twinning Goals. - TinyCrafts

While working on one of my recent projects, there’s this lovely Cardiologist couple who gave me major twinning goals.  I made them these customised shoes related to their profession and they turned out to be dope AF.  Here are the pictures:  For Her:  For Him:    Overview:  Customisation done on white canvas shoes.  Available in...

Zigna Pamnani
3 days ago

Liebster Award Nomination. 

The year 2018 indeed started on a great note. It is an honour to announce that I have been nominated for the prestigious Liebster Award by Chetna Khetawat. Please check out her awesome blog here. She writes about her inspiring travel stories giving us major travel goals.  What is Liebster Award?  Liebster Award is given to new...

Zigna Pamnani
3 days ago

Basics of Brush Lettering. 

Brush lettering is a beautiful type that is a tribute to hand lettering and calligraphy. If you want to create one there’s a lot of inspiration online.  In this post, I’ll walk you through how to get started with lettering.  RESOURCES:  Tombow dual brush pens.  Maped colour brush peps.  BRUSH LETTERING STROKES: When brush lettering,...

CWP - CA - M1 - Q3 Hints (with Solutions)

Note: Regular updates on this section "Play with Words" will be posted in FB group  CrosswordPuzzleBuffs  @  Link: https://www.facebook.co...

Zigna Pamnani
3 days ago

Shoe Story.

With very little to say, I am going to share with you people all of my customised shoe designs so far.  **All  the designs are handpainted and a work of TinyCrafts. Repost with due credits.  Take a look and comment below your favourite one.  Connect with us on Instagram for more pictures.  Related READ  Bling is the...

Ranjana Shankar
3 days ago

Some unique paintings in Chitrasante-2018

Craft blog about different crafts of the world saree design , embroidery, screen printing,decoupage

Akshay Patil
3 days ago

A Broken Guitar!

Welcome to Akshay Patil's personal blog..!! Read Articles, Poems, and other general stuff.

Dahlia Ghosal
3 days ago

Live your Life

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” ― Ernest Hemingway Linked to Becca’s Sunday Trees PS:…

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