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What do the Songs in Dream Theater’s Images and Words Mean?

Released on July 25, 1992, Dream Theater’s Images and Words album recently completed its 25th anniversary. Consisting of technical wizardry

Ashok Vaishnav
11 hours ago

The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – The Duets – Female Female Duets

When I sort-listed female-female duets for 1948 from HFGK, the number worked out to be reasonably large. However, I could not find digital soft version on the net for almost half of them. Therefore…

Ashok Vaishnav
4 days ago

Fading Memories…. Unforgettable Songs: January, 2018

Jaidev: Brilliant, But Underrated, Composer: Journey from 1955 to 1963 Jaidev (a.k.a.  Jaidev Varma; B: 3 August 1919 – D : 6 January 1987) one hand is the only music director of Hindi Films to hav…

Ashok Vaishnav
4 days ago

The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – The Duets – Male Female Duets – Other Male Playback Singers [2]

In continuing our journey of Micro View of Male Female Duets of Other than Mukesh and Mohammad Rafi, we will take up second set of the duet songs today. Popular Duet Song Kishore Kumar + Lata Mange…

Jitendra Mathur
4 days ago

Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye, Tum Jiyo Hazaaron Saal …

Birthday is a significant annual occasion in a person’s life and his near and dear ones as well who render their wishes to him / her on that day. Hindi movies have come up with many quality b…

1 week ago


It’s almost the end of the year, and the season for gigs is on. Also, 29th November 2016 is the day, I started this blog, with an intention to chronicle all the gigs that I go for (almost), a…

Manish Kumar
1 week ago

वार्षिक संगीतमाला 2017 पायदान # 24 यही उमर है कर ले गलती से मिस्टेक! Galti Se Mistake

वार्षिक संगीतमाला की चौबीसवीं सीढ़ी पर गाना वो जिसमें मेरी समझ से इस साल की सबसे बेहतरीन कोरियोग्राफी हुई है। गाने में प्रयुक्त संगीत ऐसा क...

Kimi Shrivastava
6 days ago

Music Video - Dil Chori Sadda Ho Gaya - Female Version | Song Cover By Kimi Shrivastava | Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety

A blog about Home and Living, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Family and Relationships.

Manish Kumar
1 week ago

वार्षिक संगीतमाला 2017 पायदान #23 : स्वीटी तेरा ड्रामा मचा दे हंगामा... Sweety Tera Drama

वार्षिक संगीतमाला के पिछले गीत गलती से मिस्टेक के साथ अगर आप थिरकने से रह गए हों तो कोई बात नहीं गीतमाला की 23वीं सीढ़ी पर के गीत में झटके ...

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