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Ashok Vaishnav
4 days ago

The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Shamshad Begum [4]

Shamshad Begum’s Solo Songs for 1948 have already spanned 1st, 2nd and 3rd episodes. Some of the solo songs have easily fallen into the Popular Solo Songs category too. We now take up the concludin…

5 days ago

The Difference Between Analog and Digital Music – Which Is Better?

If you love creating music, you've probably heard about the age-old debate between analog and digital recordings.

Manish Kumar
6 days ago

क्यूँ मन को हर लेते हैं आज भी चितचोर के गीत ? Songs of Chitchor Part- I

रवींद्र जैन को गुजरे दो साल हो गए हैं। नौ अक्टूबर 2015 को उन्होंने हमसे विदा ली थी।  यूँ तो करीब चार दशकों के सक्रिय कैरियर में उन्होंने द...

How to Stay Motivated While Learning Guitar

You are passionate about guitar, but feel like you're stuck in a rut? Worry not! Here are 19 ways that will inspire you to practice guitar

Archana saxena
1 week ago

Cover song jeete hain chal | neerja

Original song credit Kavita seth

Ashok Vaishnav
1 week ago

Fading Memories…. Unforgettable Songs: October, 2017

Shakila in Mohammad Rafi songs Shakila [Born: Badshah Begum – January 1, 1935] the gorgeous, beautiful, and equally talented star of ‘50/’60s, would have attained long-cherished love of Hindi…

Ashok Vaishnav
1 week ago

The Micro View of the Songs of 1948 @ SoY – Female Solo Songs – Shamshad Begum [3]

We continue our micro view of Shamshad Begum’s Solo Songs for 1948 in this episode too. O Ab Ghar Aa Ja Aa Ja Re Pardesi Balam – Nao – Gyan Dutt – D N Madhok Meri Kahani Sun Ja O Jaanewale O …

Kunal Bhardwaj
1 week ago

50 beautiful songs - which will change your perception towards Bhojpuri forever !

Ever since my childhood, one thing which always remained the same is the perception of general public, towards Bhojpuri songs and Bhojpuri ...

Manish Kumar
1 week ago

मैंने इक किताब लिखी है... सज्जाद अली Tera Naam by Sajjad Ali

सज्जाद अली की आवाज़ से पहली बार मैं फिल्म बोल के गीत दिल परेशां है रात भारी है से परिचित हुआ था और तबसे मैं उनकी आवाज़ का शैदाई हूँ। यूँ...

Vineet Rajan
1 week ago

Road Trip Songs – Rock Playlist – Volume 1

Volume 1 with 40 of the most definitive rock songs makes this the ultimate collection of road trip songs that are bound to get you grooving on a road trip!

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