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Jitendra Mathur
1 day ago

Fragrance of soil in melody and words

Veena music company has earned a great name in the line of promoting folk music. This Rajasthani music company has been a pioneer in this line and has been active for around two decades. Amidst the…

Shibam Kar
4 days ago

Top 5 Best 5.1 Speakers Under 10000 Rupees In India

Home theaters or speaker systems are now a must have for every home. Today’s LCD & LED TVs doesn’t produce realistic sound, computers also doesn’t come with a good speaker. And a good music system is also wanted in every home, because everybody loves to listen music. That’s why in this article, we will be …

Shibam Kar
5 days ago

Top 5 Best 4.1 Speakers With Bluetooth In India

Speakers or Home Theaters are one of the most essential thing in today’s house. You can connect your TV, Computer or Mobile with them and listen to great bass boosted sound. But today, we will talk about the best 4.1 speakers with Bluetooth in India which comes from the best Brands. These Bluetooth home theater …

Anindya Rakshit
6 days ago

Sunday chill and music, with coffee

Sunday chill and music with coffee is inspired by my music playlist perfect for a sunday chill after a hard week's work, and to take in the energy fresh.

Mahesh Yadav
1 week ago

मैं न पाकर सबकुछ पा गया - Hindi Poem

हिंदी दोहे, कविता, ग़ज़ल, गीत क्षणिकाएं, Best Hindi Poem, Poetry, Short Poem, Small Poems in Hindi मैं न पाकर सबकुछ पा गया। देख कर ना देखें मुझको मैं न देखकर सब कुछ देख गया, मिल कर ना मिलें मुझको मैं न पाकर सबकुछ पा गया। स्वीकार है म

Ashok Vaishnav
1 week ago

S D Burman and “Other” Male Playback Singers :: [3]

We are now in the last leg of our series of S D Burman composed songs in the voices of ‘Other’ Male Singers. In the first part, we had covered S D Buman’s Other Male Songs for the initial years …
1 week ago

"When We Sing, We Are One Soul Singing Even Though We Are In Two Bodies" - Pandit Rajan And Sajan Mishra

The dynamic duo of Indian Classical Music Pandit Rajan Mishra and Pandit Sajan Mishra belong to the family of great maestros of Banaras. The duo's voice is like soul food for every classical music lover.

Roma Gupta Sinha
1 week ago

Why My Heart Is Locked Down For The Unique Music Reality Show LOCKDOWN on ZEE5?

My precious readers, today I bring to you something really unique and sensational, and if you are crazy about music like me, this one’s...

Shibam Kar
1 week ago

Top 5 Best 5.1 Home Theater System Under Rs 5000 In India

Home theaters are the best speakers when it comes to listening superb quality sound together. Now a days most of the LCD and LED TVs doesn’t provide good quality sound with their built-in speakers. But, we need some good bass to get the energetic vibe from the musics we are listening to. That’s why, in …

Ranjeet Paradkar
1 week ago

हार्मनी विथ ए. आर. रहमान (Harmony with A. R. Rahman)

ही 'अॅमेझॉन प्राईम'वर रिलीज झालेली पाच भागांची एक सिरीज. ह्यात ए. आर. रहमान भारतातल्या चार वेगवेगळ्या राज्यांतल्या चार कलाकारांशी संवा...

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