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Banani Das
8 hours ago

10 Ancient Musical Instruments On the Verge of Extinction

India's rich music legacy now sadly consists of many forgotten and extinct musical instruments. They are waiting to be revived.

Yogita Aggarwal
22 hours ago

List of Sangeet Dance Songs For Brides & Her Sisters

This long list of sangeet dance songs is perfect for you to pick the songs to dance in Mehandi or sangeet function.

The MagZone
1 day ago

7 Major Versions Of The Most Trending ‘Sonu Song’ You Should Listen Now

'Sonu' is definitely the most trending song in India right now. Here are the 7 Major sonu song versions for you.Sonu song version according to states.

Satish Pai
2 days ago

The Guru-Shishya parampara in Hindi film songs

A common recurring theme employed   in Indian film music is the Guru (teacher) singing with his Shishya (pupil) and gently urging him/he...

Shubhankar Sharma
4 days ago

Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hmara सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा || स्वतंत्रता दिवस

This poem is written and narrated by Shubhankar . Poem Lyrics-

Ashok Vaishnav
5 days ago

Fading Memories…. Unforgettable Songs: August, 2017

Shailendra and “Other” Music Directors Shankardas Kesarilal , born on 30 August 1923, popularly known to all of us Shailendra ,passed away by living a Chhoti Si Yeh Zindagani, like a comet that lit…

Manish Kumar
5 days ago

चल चल सखि पिया के पास.. Chal Chal Sakhi

शंकर टकर मेरे पसंदीदा संगीतज्ञ हैं। अमेरिका से भारत आ कर बसने वाले इस क्लारिनेट वादक ने जिस तरह हिंदुस्तानी शास्त्रीय संगीत को आत्मसात कि...

vishal garg
1 week ago

प्रिंस नरूला का नया गाना हुआ वायरल ,अब तक तीन मिलियन बार देखा गया

बिग बॉस 9 के विजेता प्रिंस नरूला टीवी इंडस्ट्री का एक जाना पहचाना नाम बन चुके हैं। प्रिंस रोडीज़ एक्स

1 week ago

To the Bone [2017] – A Compelling Unromanticized Portrayal of Eating Disorder

Anorexia is one of the persistently misunderstood and glamorized disorders. The ravages of this particular condition is often belit...

Sunil Chandel
1 week ago

Fender builds custom guitar using 100-year-old Hollywood Bowl benches

Fender builds custom guitar Front Row Legend Esquire line using 100-year-old Hollywood Bowl benches to have your own functional piece of history.

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