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Partha Sadhukhan
4 days ago

Open letter to Chief Justice of India from a poor Indian man

Shocking details revealed from Dhananjay Chatterjee death sentence showed that Hetal Parekh’s mother could be the murderer of Hetal in an outrage and there might not be any rape. But still Dh…

Ankit Gupta
6 days ago

India after adopting ‘Open Economy’

In the decade of 90’s when India has the population of approx 90 crores, the foreign exchange reserves in India remains only 110 crore US Dollar. And in the year 1991 India cannot couldn’t it…

Mrigank Singhal
1 week ago

Gorakhpur tragedy: A case of corruption or sanitation

Gorakhpur Tragedy: A case of corruption or sanitation? Uttar Pradesh, the land of politics, is again in the news and this time not for...

Tomichan Matheikal
2 months ago

Chatur Baniya and Amit Shah

Amit Shah is a chatur baniya . His political career is mired in filth and blood.   He has used devious methods to bring his party to...

Dr Roshan R
3 months ago

GODYEARS: A Uruguayan named Jose #AtoZChallenge

Jose Mujica is the exception. You do not need to agree with his politics but you need to admire a President who chooses to stay humble and live an austere life like his citizens.

2 months ago

தைரியமாக சொல் நீ மனிதன் தானா...?

தாயை மதிக்கும் மனிதனுக்கு ஒரு கேள்வி... கள்ளுண்ணாமை 921-925

Ayush Pandya
3 months ago

A Country in Abyss!!

Strangulated by the Roots of Corruption and Hypocrisy, India today bleeds into the ruins and portrays the picture of the times when it was under the clutches, as the colony of the English. The Idea…

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