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9 months ago

Vijay Mallya Not Guilty?

I am quite sick of hearing that Vijay Mallya is just a failed businessman and not a criminal. Yes, there are people who feel sorry for him. They think he who did the country a national service by s…

10 months ago

पढ़ाई और मोबाइल को एक साथ कैसे मैनेज करें

How can I control mobile addiction and concentrate on studies in Hindi? अच्छे से पढाई के लिए पढ़ाई और मोबाइल को एक साथ कैसे मैनेज करें हर इंसान अपनी लाइफ में सक्सेसफुल बनना चाहता है और इसके लिए वह र…

11 months ago

Demonetization in India 2016: Success or Failure

After 2 years we look at Was Demonetization a Success or Failure?Which countries also had demonetization and which were Successful and which were failure.

T.V. Antony Raj
11 months ago

Statue of Unity: Gujarat Villagers Wrote Open Letter to Protest PM Modi’s Visit

  By T. V. Antony Raj . . The 182 metres Statue of Unity, a memorial to Sardar Patel, is situated on Sandhu island of Narmada river, an islet in Kevadiya and is touted as the world’s tallest statue…

11 months ago

Corruption Naare Slogan भ्रष्टाचार पर नारे

Best Slogan on Corruption in Hindi भ्रष्टाचार पर नारा हिन्दी स्लोगन Corruption यानि भ्रष्टाचार जहा भी कही होती है समाज को खोखला कर देती है समाज चाहकर भी आगे विकास के राह पर नही जा पाता है यानी हर क…

Aditi Kapur
1 year ago

Some (Animals) Are More Equal Than Others

Some (Animals) Are More Equal Than Others Equality is the most fundamental feature of democracy. Discrimination and unequal opportunities may lead to disharmony and leave a negative impact on the s…

Eshita Sharrma
1 year ago


2G spectrum verdict Finally, the verdict has been pronounced which acquitted all the accused of this scam. One of the biggest scam in the country proven false.

Eshita Sharrma
1 year ago


Venezuela Crisis It didn’t happen in a day or in a year. It took several years of incompetent and self-obsessed governance which gradually led to the crisis.

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