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Aditya pandey
1 day ago

Is Popular Front of India is an Islamic terrorist organization

Popular Front of India is an Islamic Terrorist Organization   हर  मुस्लिम  आतंकवादी   नहीं  hota. आतंकवादी  संगठन पॉपुलर फ्रंट ऑफ इंडि...

Create Stunning Poster Online | DesignCap Review

Rating: 4.5/5. DesignCap is an online poster maker where you can make posters for free. The overall experience about DesignCap is nice. They are providing this free because DesignCap is still new...

Memories from 2018 – Recap series (Feb & March)

The first post of Recap series had featured my most precious picture from January this year. Moving on to the memories created in the next two months, I realized that both these pictures had a feel…

Srinivasa Prasath
2 days ago

An evening in the old city of Hyderabad

via Instagram As the cities are growing rapidly and moving towards modernization, there's almost always that old cultural quarter somew...

Srinivasa Prasath
3 days ago

Storm in the CBD

via Instagram Have you ever been outside photographing during a storm? I know it's crazy right? But even in the craziest of situations,...

Vikas Khair
2 days ago

The Lion

The King of the Jungle, striking a pose and locking the camera in eye contact. The Lion, King is always a King.  T The Proud Lion

rupam sarma
1 day ago

Journey ...

photography Near New Bongaigon Railway Station, Assam, India This post is a part of a Sky Watch Friday , a great sky watchers com...

Pooja Varshney
3 days ago

“Let them be Little” – A Day out with little kids

  Play is the Highest form of research – Albert Einstein …may be that’s the reason Play Schools are the best place for little kids to master the art of researching. I said so…

Niharika Verma
3 days ago

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Picture-Perfect Instagram Photos

Who wouldn’t want to be Insta-famous? The most exciting fact though? Not many of those gorgeous feeds you follow are taken by professional photographers. If they can do it, so can you! Take a look at our The Ultimate Guide to Taking Picture-Perfect Instagram Photos

Samanvay Sinha
2 days ago

Picspeak VII:Work Calling !

We were out for a morning stroll in Naldehra and the little hamlet was readying itself for the day ahead already.For them it was the start of a busy day during the tourist season. This was taken in…

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