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18 hours ago

Breakfast service

The rotis, the making of which I had posted yesterday, being served to hungry customers.

Prakash Ghai
1 day ago

Door Handle Shadows

Minimalist Photography / Minimalism as Less Elements: A Minimal Art Photo of Long Shadows of the Handles of a Metal Door in Black and White

The lights of Diwali

The lights of Diwali at Ranchi

rupam sarma
1 day ago

Abode of clouds

Photography location Laitlum Canyon, Meghalaya, India Linking to: Black and White Weekend

1 day ago

Standing Tall…

Stand a bit Taller Shine a bit Brighter Speak a bit Louder Think a bit Farther Feel a bit More Whatever you do, be You…!!!

1 day ago

Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

It has been a while since I participated in Weekly Photo Challenge. Mostly because I like clicking pictures of nature mainly mountains, flowers, insects but it’s hard to spot such things in D…

1 day ago

The Roti

Frying the roti for breakfast in a streetside cafe in Kumbharwada.

Prakash Ghai
2 days ago

Colorful Lookup Minimalism - 3 Photographs

Minimalist Photography / Minimalism as Few Distinctive Colors. 3 Colorful Lookup Minimalism Photographs Shot at Cafe Lazy Mojo in Jaipur, using Canon 100mm prime Macro L Series F 2.8 lens and Canon 600D Camera.

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