Crimes Against Women

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Nilesh Ranjan
2 days ago

India of my nightmares!!

Sometimes it is difficult to cover the topics that are related to women’s dignity through out the world particularly in India. Not sure whether there has to be a guideline for media or not in…

What Makes A Woman Set Herself On Fire? No, This Is Not About Padmaavat

And you can help to stop it and take care of them.

10 positive quotes from famous people about women #womenequality

Here are the 10 inspiring, funny, positive quotes about women that you may love to read: 1.  3.  4. 5. 6. 7...

Saba irfan
1 day ago

Justice for girl child! #superbloggerchallenge2018

Children are our future! They will be impacting our lifestyles tomorrow based on how we treat them today and what we teach them when they are still a soft clay to be moulded in front of us! We defi…

Antara Kundu
2 days ago

The Glitter Boobs Girl and the One from Meerut

A story of shame and impudence, freedom and control, life and death, of two young girls worlds apart.

2 days ago

#Rape – How many more #Nirbhaya or #Asifa ? #BlogchatterA2Z #KathuaRape

Rape is the most common and the worst crime against women . In India , the Rape cases are too much on rise with not…

2 days ago

#Prostitution – The (Im)moral service industry – Does a woman become prostitute by choice ? #BlogchatterA2Z

P stands for Prostitution Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment .  There are about 42 million…

2 days ago

#Orthodox Mindset — The unjustified and cruel principles of society for a woman #BlogchatterA2Z

As I am writing this post today , I am actually right now in an annoying mode , I am grumbling since afternoon as I…

Shesha Chaturvedi
4 days ago

Protests across the globe for women safety, equality and freedom

India: After the heinous crime of gang rape and brutal murder of 8 year old girl named Asifa in Kathua village, Kashmir, an outrage trigge...

4 days ago

The Unholy Temple

In that holy temple, in that place of worship, the holy bell rang, calling thy holiness lordship. As it did every day, it was usual in every way, for the custom it was ancient, to come there and pr…

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