Crimes Against Women

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Ekta Shah
1 week ago

Why I Am Bringing Up My Daughters To Be Strong Women!

Yes, we are in the country where every day you read news where women are suppressed in all possible ways. Reasons are myriad: could be a dowry, victim of aggression, social inequality, rape, molestation and many things which only a woman can tell! Being a woman and a mother, it's difficult to find any woman...

sonal kothari
1 day ago

Survival is a shame.

NEWS HEADLINES in last week's papers: Woman raped for years by her husband survived. A 3-year old girl raped and thrown into the woods survived, rapists at large. An old lady raped and murdered in her apartment, murder reason unknown. A woman tortured to have sex till she gave in, victim hospitalised.

Marital Rape: The Truth Behind The Doors

Marriage is the eternal bond between the two souls. Is this statement really appropriate for all the cases? MARITAL RAPE, a rarely discussed matter which is not being viewed as a crime in India. Legally, it is not criminalized and culturally, it is accepted as a norm of marriage.

How To Avoid Marrying An Abuser

While I feel very deeply for anyone, man or woman, who suffers abuse at the hands of their spouse, I have to ask - what is it that makes us feel we have no other option but to suffer in silence, often for years at a time?

sonal kothari
1 week ago

Woman, hide!

Saris can reveal 6 inches of delicate waist but a faint glimpse of the female abdomen under a shirt will make them cringe as if they have seen something unholy. Chop off those beautiful tresses that took so long to grow. Shove those pretty dresses and tops deep into your wardrobe to rot.

Cleavage or Brain ; Woman’s Appearance is judged to Tag Her : Read Confession from Women

Woman's Appearance is Judged to Tag her as Woman of Cleavage or Brain: Read Confession of Women Almost everyone has a judgement/ opinion/advice on a woman's appearance/attire. Some people just keep it to themselves, some comment publicly.

4 days ago

The Bobbit Worm

Every time there is an incident of sexual assault on unwilling women, there is a sudden hue and cry about the culprit to be caught and castrated or even bobbitised. Unfortunately with no such laws prevalent in any part of the world, such public outcry remains just an expression of anguish and nothing more.

Nikita Garg
4 days ago

12 Do's and Dont's for girls if they want to be the happiest person

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. This is to inform you all that I will be posting a new blog post on every Sunday. Hope to see you next Sunday too as the blog post on next Sunday would be about my sol...

Shaly Pereira
4 days ago

This Rapist lost his Genitals? Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry!

I don't know her. But she could easily be my sister, mother, aunt, daughter or niece. She could even be one of my dearest female friends - those soul sisters who uplift my spirit every time I feel low - or she could simply be a stranger on the street, one I unknowingly brush against...

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