Crimes Against Women

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1 day ago

A Short Story About Domestic Abuse: “The Window To Her Life “

As every evening, sitting by her window, she was watching the sun going behind the city’s tall buildings. The day was turning into night, everything around her was filling up with the soothin…

Vartika Gakhar
2 days ago

What’s your individual contribution to stopping rapes and other crimes against women??? #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

Last few days have been quite disturbing, reading about the shameful news and brutal crimes against girls and women across the country. It has filled every woman’s heart with a fear that R…

5 days ago

"The Quintillion Dollar Smile Of Anmol Rodriguez" - From The Lives Of Humans

Anmol Rodriguez, youngest acid attack survivor is living her life in a way many of us dream of. She is peace blended with love and life. A true inspiration.

3 Domestic Violence And Abuse Secrets You Never Knew

Domestic violence and abuse problems in marriage are more common than you think. Here are the shocking facts about domestic violence that you never knew.

Gokul Krishnan
3 days ago

Writings on the Wall

Humans feel more secured when no one is watching. The deepest wishes unfold from that security. The psychology of bathroom singing could b...

10 Ways To Shut Down Sexism In The Workplace

Shutting down sexism is one big way you can improve your office morale. Here are ten ways to shut down sexism in the workplace.

1 week ago

On The Other Side Of Silence: To Be a Woman

What is it to be a woman Is it to be weaker Is it to be stronger Are we different Why are some of us mistreated Why some of us mistreat others Are we smarter Are we more sensible Are we more beauti…

Shipra Trivedi
1 week ago

Crimes in Private Cabs, When They will End?

No matter what steps these private cab service providers are taking to make rides safer for women, the cases keep coming.

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