Crimes Against Women

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Nithya Grace
7 hours ago


#MeToo. A call to break silence.. A call to be heard. A call for secrets and whispers to be said aloud. Yes. Social Media is being flooding with #MeToo and numerous stories of sexual assaults haras…

arun pancholi
2 days ago

ये #metoo क्या है, और इन्टरनेट पर क्यों ट्रेंड कर रहा है

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Pramod Joshi
4 days ago

हम सब हैं आरुषि के अपराधी

Current Affairs, Media, Innovation, Sweet & Sour

5 days ago

Must Know Women Rights for Females, Do You Know Your Rights?

sharing with you what powers the law gives to us women, so that if the situation ever arises, we know what our rights are and what powers the government has bestowed upon us.

Arpita Nayak
5 days ago

We are not complicated, we are angry!

Few days back there was a controversy surrounding Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar over his tweet glorifying manual scavengers as ‘cleaning so...

Dahlia Ghosal
1 week ago


Hello All, Moonshine (MS) is the new Silver Streaks (SS) ! Well, fingers crossed and if you like it half as much as you claimed to love SS, I couldn’t ask for more. Moonshine accompanies Raja…

Jayanth Dev
1 week ago

Beware Of A Scammer Named Yuvraj Trivedy

Yuvraj Trivedy, Singer Musician scammer scamming people in India, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other places.

1 week ago

Nostalgic उदासीन #writetribeproblogger#fridayfotofiction

कैफ़े में अकेली बैठी राधा , कॉफ़ी के साथ साथ लैपटॉप पर काम करती हुई , 5 मिनट में 10  बार बॉस का फोन आ…

Anubhuti Seth Mehn
2 weeks ago

Weaving patterns of life...

Aarti’s life had become a mix of only a sad patterns. She was living those patterns for 2 years with Jignesh. She wanted to be independent but..

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