Crimes Against Women

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Arunima Basu
2 weeks ago

#iamnotready: Why I think I am not yet ready for marriage?

As a child, I always used to feel bad, when my mother criticized me for my performances. Unlike other kewl mommies, my mom would always point fingers at my errors;” Why were you dancing on stage wi…

3 weeks ago

War Cry

War cry is a phrase or word shouted by people to gather together participants in a campaign, to give each other courage, to fight for a common cause.   Here the common cause is to fight agains…

unni babu
1 month ago

The Beast Beyond Boundaries | Thought through art

He is the beast beyond boundaries! Like the water, he is formless and holds the shape of anyone in this world. So identifying him from others is a Sisyphean tas

Laxmi Todiwan
1 month ago

The MeToo – Too much!!

IWH - Indian Women in Hospitality

Nazia Afreen
1 month ago

#MeToo Expands! 10 Big Bollywood Names Accused Of Sexual Harassment!

#MeToo movement has started expanding in the Bollywood industry. With several big names on the row, women’s safety is still a big question.

Abhijit patil
1 month ago

गाईच्या पोटाखाली मी बाळंत झाले. - Sindhutai Sapkal / (Motivational Words in Ulhas Kotkar Programs)

गाईच्या पोटाखाली मी बाळंत झाले. - Sindhutai Sapkal / (Motivational Words in Ulhas Kotkar Programs) ------------------ 'उल्हास कोटकर' यांच्या कार्यक्रमातील 'क...

Raj Kumar
1 month ago

Metoo பரிதாபங்கள்!

வணக்கம், #Metoo - கடந்த சில நாட்களாக அனைவரும் பரபரப்புடன் பேசுவது இதை பற்றிதான். போன வருடத்தின் நடுவில் இந்த இயக்கம் ஆரம்பித்து, மீண்டும்...

Syed Muksit Rahman
1 month ago

Being A Female Bouncer In A Men’s World: They Are Fierce, Determined, And Yet Full Of Kindness

Bouncer kya hain pehle who pata karo, phir iss profession me aaon.

1 month ago

No ambiguity about sexual harassment

The MeToo movement has left some men uneasy. So uneasy that scores of tasteless jokes are being circulated and criticism in drawing room conversations and columns is rampant. Men fear that one of t…

Amitesh Gupta
1 month ago

The Official Arrival Of #MeToo In India

There was a time when influential people, those in power holding an important position can harass working women for their enjoyment at their will. And many times they’re told that “it’s your fault miss”.

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