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Abhishek Kumar
18 hours ago

(RPCS3) PS3 Emulator for PC ( Easy Setup Guide)

Dreaming about to play ps games on Android and PC? Here's a simple step-by-step guide to setup (RPCS3) PS3 Emulator for PC & Android Phone.

Siddhant Jain
1 day ago

Steam Summer Sale 2018 - Deals and Offers on Best Games

Steam is one of the most popular platform for PC gamers and as a part of its annual tradition, steam is back with its Summer Sale. There are many great deals on some awesome games with up to 75% off on some games. One of the most popular game in the world PUBG had already announced its steam sale discount.…

Siddhant Jain
3 days ago

PUBG Sale on Steam, Event Pass Announced - 33 Percent Off on PC Version

Ever since, Epic games launched its PUBG counterpart called Fortnite, PUBG corp is regularly coming up with new updates, offers, versions to compete with Fortnite. After launching it for free on Android and iOS smartphones, PUBG is now available at 33.33% discount via Steam. PUBG announced that it has sold over 50 million units of the game world wide and…

Siddhant Jain
4 days ago

Xbox Avatar Editor Now Available For Xbox Insider

Last year, Microsoft announced that it is working on a major update for Avatar Editor for its Xbox platform. Now the update has arrived for the Xbox Insiders. The update is available on for the Xbox Insider and will be launched to public later this year. You can now create a new Xbox Avatar within the Xbox Avatar Editor app…

Siddhant Jain
4 days ago

WWE 2K19 Announced - Release Date, Editions and More

WWE has announced its latest game called the WWE 2K19. WWE games has been one of the most popular consoles game since PlayStation 2 and PC gamers also love the franchise. WWE 2K19 will release on 9th October and the company has not announced the platforms it will be released on. We can safely assume PS4 Series, Xbox One Series,…

Sony Blocks Fortnite Crossplay Between Nintendo Switch and PS4

When the battle royale gaming sensation Fortnite arrived on the Nintendo Switch during E3 2018, Sony immediately blocked cross-play between players on the Switch and its own PlayStation 4. The comp…

Netflix and Youtube to come to Nintendo Switch; And Nintendo Switch Exclusive Games To Contain Loot Boxes

During the E3 2018, Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime talked on a lot of topics surrounding their video game industry, which included the introduction of loot boxes inside Nintendo switch Exclusi…

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Fortnite World Cup 2019 Announced - $100,000,000 Prize Pool

One of the hottest games in the world right now is Fortnite. In less than a year of its existence Fornite has grown  to 120 million active players around the world. Now continuing on its path to success Epic Games, developer behind the popular battle royal game has announced the Fornite World Cup 2019. The Quarterfinals of the Fortnite World…

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Microsoft Next-Generation Xbox Console To Come in 2020 - Report

Microsoft is currently working on to bring its next generation of Xbox gaming console and plans to bring it by 2020. At E3 2018, Microsoft’s Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer  told that the company is currently working on making the next Xbox consoles and now according to a new report it will be launched in 2020. According to a report by…

Siddhant Jain
1 week ago

Lenovo Legion Gaming Series Updated At E3 2018 - Laptops, Desktops

Lenovo at E3 2018 has added 6 new gaming devices to its Legion Gaming series. Lenovo launched the Legion Gaming sub-brand last year and has now launched new laptops and Desktops via the Gaming brand. Lenovo has launched Legion Y530 and Legion Y730 Laptops along with Legion T730 and Legion T530 towers and Legion C730 and Legion C530 cubes. Lenovo Legion…

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