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Hiral Amodia
2 days ago

The PokerStars Evening

Share this on WhatsAppWHAT THEHEEBEE SAYS ABOUT THE POKERSTARS EVENING: About Card Games: Card games are one of the highly popular indoor games played across the world. People of all ages and walks of life play one or the other card game. There are card games that are played for fun with friends and within …

Rahul Singhal
2 days ago

25 Best Free Games That Don’t Need Wi-Fi For Your Android Phone

Games keep us entertained and provide the much-needed relief from the chaos of life. Most of us love to play our favorite games whenever we get free time or even while traveling. It is in fact, the first thing that comes to our mind when we have some spare time. However, most of the games …

Rishabh Shah
1 week ago

Google Maps ready to create the next Pokemon Go Challenge

A whole series of games using the Google Maps API is arriving on mobile. The most fascinating part of this new Google API is that it aims to allow the creation of new gaming experiences around real places.

Ashok Udhayan
5 days ago

First Game to Hit One Billion Downloads On Play Store

Subway Surfers is the first game to hit One Billion downloads on Play Store.

Santhosh DR
3 days ago

Legendary Series V-Rally Returns with New Sequel | AIB

V-RALLY was last released 16 years ago on the PS2, but the popular off-road racing game is making a return this September on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Here's everything you need to know.

5 days ago

Top 13 Games like Spore you must know and play in 2018

Do you want to get an amazing experience while playing the games on PC or Android. Here, we bring to you the list of 13 topmost Games like Spore.

1 week ago

Top 10 Games like Roblox that are fun to play in 2018

Do you love playing video games online? Here we have listed out 10 best Games like Roblox which are real fun to play and an amazing pastime.

Abhijit Bangal
4 days ago

Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smartphone Rumored to Release Soon

Xiaomi will soon release the rumored Xiaomi Black Shark gaming smartphone.The specifications have been leaked on Geekbench. So, how does the new gaming smartphone build up? Read on to know.

Vikas Singh
6 days ago

15 best tools to copy your competitor backlinks – Ethical methods

How to copy competitor backlinks? | Don't take me wrong | Best way to increase backlinks | How to get quality backlinks | Next Is Best

1 week ago

Android Root Permissions: 10 reasons you must have them

The open nature of Android has made it possible for developers and users to work together to improve the way that the operating system works, bringing a revolution in the world of mobile phones with access to Android Root permissions.Let's see why we need root permission and how it is helpful.

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