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C Thiruvenkatam
2 days ago

Tips for Protecting Yourself against the Law

Tips for Protecting Yourself against the Law Tips protecting law: As much as you want to perceive the law to be on your side, they’re going to be against us. So specific instances we have to …

Amit Verma
6 days ago

How Businesses Can Easily Transform Their Margins

There are basically two ways for a business to boost its growth: increase volume or increase profit margins. For  businesses, the latter is often the easie

1 week ago

How To Upgrade Your Business Success

You can achieve your business success by upgrading your office environment and strategically designing an improved corporate culture.

3 weeks ago

Debunk the Myth of Higher Paying Jobs

Relevancy will decide the game.

Amit Verma
2 weeks ago

7 Avoidable Hazards That Managers Must Mitigate

Is your workplace as safe as it should be? Unfortunately, workplace accidents cause a lot of suffering every year and cost businesses millions of pounds, a

2 weeks ago

5 Fabulous Ways Startups Can Become More Likeable

So, here are some excellent ways to gain a competitive edge and ensure optimal growth for a startup.

Akshata Ram
2 weeks ago

The bad boss syndrome-Beat it, now #WriteProBlogger #WriteBravely

A good friend once told me – People change jobs not so much because of the company, pay or facilities but most often due to people.  This thought struck a chord with me as I reflected upon my…

1 month ago

Flags That Remind Troubled Funding

… You think you have the “chutzpah” to become an entrepreneur? You have an idea for an awesome startup (at least you think it’s an awesome…

1 month ago

Funding 101: Managing Cost of capital

Here’s a true story.

4 weeks ago

The Journey is the reward

One cannot be successful in life without having confidence.

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