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1 year ago

8 Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

There are multiple ways to obtain customer feedback, but what is just as important is what you are going to do with this information.

Ashok Vaishnav
1 year ago

Business Sutra |9.2| Creation of Hierarchy

Business Sutra |9| Discrimination We have covered five episodes of Devdutt Pattanaik’ TV serial on CNBC 18:  Business Sutra. The 1st episode presented to us the most visible form of the busin…

Why Working ‘Nurses’ Unable To Repay ‘Education Loans’ In India?

Hyderabad; Premier Digital Newspaper from the house of #KhabarLive

1 year ago

How to Save Your Business Time and Money Using Time Tracking Software

Your time is the most valuable asset. This applies to businesses of all types and sizes, which is why almost every business can benefit from a time tracking software.

Lavina Melwani
1 year ago

New York Power Women: Chandrika Tandon

Chandkrika Tandon has faced many challenges in her life as businesswoman, musician, educationist and philanthropist.

Tushar Mangl
1 year ago

Why you should pick a job for the right Work Culture

Tushar is a trainer, blogger and content strategist based in Gurgaon. An avid reader, he is the author of The Avenging Act.

1 year ago

20 Ways To Express Empathy To Your Customers

Every business owner has his own set of customer relationship management tools. Let us look at 20 simple ways that keep the lines of communication flowing between a brand owner and customer.

Hari Kumaran
1 year ago

Corporate Business Promotions – Pro’s and Con’s

Working in the corporate company will have huge benefits for the employee in long run.

1 year ago

Perfectly Productive: Achieving Better Focus and Mental Clarity at Work

Work is a big part of our lives, and being able to get down to business and work hard is essential if you want to do well in life, earn money and live the way that you want. It’s important to set goals and to look to the future, but it’s the way you perform … Continue reading "Perfectly Productive: Achieving Better Focus and Mental Clarity at Work"

Ganesh Kamble
1 year ago

Business Management: Importance And Benefits

This Blog Are Share Computer Related Tutorials For Education Purpose.

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