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Richa T
11 hours ago

Understanding Millennials Mindset- Globalization: A World View of the Future

Western Union studied millennials to understand how globalization and a world without borders is the key to creating more opportunities and a better future.

4 days ago

India can be self-sufficient in Defence Sector -#BlogToPM

Nations ensure their success, strength and sovereignty by the protection it provides to its people and the only sector which assures it is the Defence Sector. This sector is considered to be one of the major arenas of discussion at

Nathi Nonsense
6 days ago

Dear Humans

There is really no point writing this to you but I am doing it anyways. I feel very sorry for us and very ashamed of you. Who has given you [ … ]

Whose India?

Salman Rushdie once mentioned a seminar organised in London on Indo-Anglian literature. It was attended by leading Indian English write...

Manisha Awasthi
6 days ago

If Only Mother India has the Basic Right to Cleanliness

This is my personal commentary on people questioning Anushka as she confronted a man who was throwing rubbish on road. Mother India deserves cleanliness too

The Water Problem!

The author writes about the water problem looming in the next few years.

Why I can’t endorse BJP

I have often been awarded epithets such as Rice Bag by some people in social media who have no idea of what I am. My disapproval of t...

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