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Soon, TRS Govt Dole Out ‘Unemployment Allownace’ For Telangana Youth!

Hyderabad; Premier Digital Newspaper from the house of #KhabarLive

3 years ago

How to Retire Early? Don't Miss These Points

How to retire early at 40 – 45 years of age? Retiring early is pretty awesome. It is very easy to see early retirement as a natural solution to a number of problems in your life. There is a general notion that retirement is all about enjoying every day of your life just the way …

Syed Muksit Rahman
3 years ago

With Kitchen Utensil As Headgear, This Lawyer Wants To Create Awareness About Quality Of Helmets

This criminal lawyer rides his bike wearing a helmet made from kitchen utensil, a rustic tin pot in an attempt to create awareness regarding the quality of helmets that commuters are

Tomichan Matheikal
3 years ago

The Savagery called Hartal

Violence on a road in Kannur this morning Image courtesy Malayala Manorama The shutdown called hartal is not unfamiliar to Kerala. ...

साल ये भी कुछ तो नया होगा .....

इस जीवन में यूं तो हर पल नया होता है और ये इस मायने में भी होता है कि हमारे आसपास कुछ कुछ न भी हो तो भी जो बीत जाता है वो स्वयमे...

Aseem Rastogi
3 years ago

Microblog Mondays: Another year goes by..

Another year of natural and man - made disasters goes by.. Another year of increasing crime goes by..

#HappyNewYear2019 – A New Beginning, A New Start And A New Life This Year!

Hyderabad; Premier Digital Newspaper from the house of #KhabarLive

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