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10 Indian Women Who Became Role Models Of Empowerment

These 10 inspiring Indian women are role models for teaching us to look beyond gender stereotypes and paving the way to empowerment for us all.

Farouk Gulsara
4 days ago

Can't live on goodwill and sunshine!

America, civil war, land, law, marginalised minority, Native Americans, Red Indians, underprivileged, USA

1 week ago

BAHUJAN AWAAZ SAGAR : सबसे आसान भाषा में समझिये आखिर है आरक्षण

सबसे आसान भाषा में समझिये आखिर है आरक्षण,Reservation ,आरक्षण, डॉ. अम्बेडकर, अंग्रेज,
2 weeks ago

This 82-Year-Old Shepherd Sold His Sheep To Build 14 Ponds, Turning His Village Green

82-year-old shepherd from Karnataka sold his sheep and constructed 14 ponds to make his village greener and help the struggling animals and birds from lack of water.

Memory of another Dec 6

Image from India Today On 6 Dec 1992, a huge battalion of people who called themselves kar sevaks (volunteers) led by Prime Minist...

An Open Letter to PM Modi

Dear Modi-ji, I belong to your generation though I’m ten years younger than you. My memories about Nehru and other genuine Indian natio...

Santwona Patnaik
2 weeks ago

Hypocrisy Of The Great Indian Society : Do We Actually Respect Women? #TruthAboutSociety

When we project sincere regards and honour to a queen of valour in the past, then we ought to concur the same degree of respect to women even today. I hardly see an iota of that vigour to fight for the cause of women today. Are we becoming more and more intolerant? This level of hypocrisy is saddening indeed.

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