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Prateek Goel
4 days ago

Independent India: 70 years of independence

Independent India, freedom fighters; these are words with which we have grown up. visit this post to know about how we got independence & current situation.

The MagZone
6 days ago

Know The History Behind Choosing Midnight Of August 14, 1947 As Our Independence Day

The year 2017 marks the 70th Independence day of India. Independence Day is a celebration of freedom. Freedom of speech, expression, religion and much more which we are using and misusing today is the result of the struggle and sacrifices of our freedom fighters. Recently during a conversation with my cousins, I wondered why 15th August 1947 is celebrated …

6 days ago

Happy Independence Day India!

Happy Independence Day India! Cheers to your unity in diversity. Incredible you are indeed!  

Yogita Aggarwal
5 days ago


Its July of 2017 and we are looking at a reform which is appreciated by few and hated by many, Especially by the common man.

Dr Mandira
6 days ago


I am a twenty something doctor and Yoga expert who loves to dress up and write. I started my blog in 2013 to document my passion for travelling.

Pradeep Nair
6 days ago

7 reasons for cheer and 7 reasons for worry as India turns 70

Time for course correction Today, it's 70 years since India won Independence. It has been a creditable journey for a nation like India,...

The MagZone
6 days ago

7 School Memories Of Independence Day That We All Cherish!

School – this word is a reminder of happy, peaceful and carefree days. Friends, teachers, games/P.T period, cultural and holidays are the things that rush back to us. Independence Day has best school celebration memories up (except frying under the sun. Gosh! That was torture). Here are a few things I miss as grown up: Flags It …

The MagZone
6 days ago

This Independence Day Let’s Celebrate The Freedom Of Minds

“Rape” is not just a word for “Sexual Assault“. It also means “Stripping someone of their assets“. And, I have to admit, though grudgingly, that our minds – yours and mine, are truly and thoroughly raped. How many of us are really learning what we love? Is your passion, your profession? Are you happy and satisfied or …

6 days ago

Happy 71st Independence Day!

Today we are celebrating our 71st Independence Day! I wish all fellow Indians a very Happy Independence Day! This Independence Da...

Vishal Bheeroo
6 days ago

Happy Independence Day: Freedom, inclusive India and combating poverty

Happy Independence Day. Today, August 15, India celebrates its 71st Independence Day but turn 70 as a nation. I remember the times I was staying in the hostel, Independence Day was something we loo…

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