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Vipin PG
1 day ago

How to Turn On and Off Gesture Navigation on Android Pie Mobile ?

Google's latest android version, the Android P comes with lot of features. One of the main such feature is the Gesture based navigation system. Google

Need And Advantages Of Tech-Enabled Smart Devices In Our Daily Lives

Tech-enabled or technology powered smart devices are an improvement on an existing invention or a new innovation on existing technology which makes devices

Bhavik Sarkhedi
2 days ago

Revolution in the Evolution of Technology

Why do we need smart devices in our life? In the modern urban lifestyle of today, the technology around us and its uses and benefits are increasing with each passing day. When the trend of having smart devices and smart...

Veidehi Gite
2 days ago

We Owe a Part of our Fitness Goals to Flipkart, Here’s Why?

If we were to be grateful for our recent lifestyle choices and fitness goals, we'd say to everyone reading this blog, let's #GetFitWithFlipkart and add to the lifestyle evolution of India.

2 days ago

What to Do If My iPhone Not Ringing! Here’s Why and How to Fix

“I missed an important phone call because my iPhone not ringing. I was holding my device when waiting for the incoming call, but I got neither sound nor vibration. Is there any way to solve...

Orgasm of Gadgets

Certain gadgets have become as inalienable parts of life as our mates. The mobile phone, for example. It’s there with us wherever we ar...

Vipin PG
4 days ago

Mi Earphones Basic (Mi Piston Basic) Review – Best Earphones Under Rs. 500

Earphones are always being a part of each and every mobile users from time to time. Each companies are introducing premium and budget oriented headphones

3 days ago

Tablet क्या है और इसका क्या कार्य है?

क्या आप जानना चाहते है के टैबलेट पीसी क्या है और टैबलेट का क्या कार्य है? यहाँ आपकी इसी संबधित पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में मिलेगा.

4 days ago

Free up space on iPhone with iOS 12

With many photos, apps and documents it is common to fill all memory of our iPhone in no time, so here are the tricks to free up some space with iOS 12.

4 days ago

How to see WhatsApp status without being noticed

If you're wondering how to see WhatsApp status without being seen using iPhone or Android, you're in the right place. Let's see

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