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11 hours ago

Stupid Indian Politicians

Stupid comments by politicians are no surprise but what astonishes is that they continue to go full throttle on stupidity, spewing senseless statements, subjecting us to dumb shit. We may doubt their sanity, make us laugh and sometimes make us cry, but they surely seem to get away again and again.

Ashish Gupta
1 week ago

Unnao Rape case: Will Modi able to solve it in an exquisite way?

Rape, one of the most heinous crimes one could ever commit, is the fourth most common crime in our country. The unhappiness over police’s inaction in the Unnao rape case has definitely hurt the reputation of  BJP from within.

Anindita Ghosh
2 days ago

In-flight Wi-Fi on domestic flights may soon be a reality with 30% excess fare

The Indian government’s department of telecommunication(DoT) will soon be allowed to use Wi-Fi services inside the flights for people flying in flights over Indian airspace.The airlines could charge 20 to 30 percent of the fare to offer Wi-Fi service. Also, the service could be restricted to business class travelers.  

Anindita Ghosh
1 week ago

Govt launches e-FRRO scheme to provide hassle-free travel for foreigners

To facilitate hassle-free travel to India for foreigners, the government yesterday formally launched the e-FRRO (e-Foreigner Regional Registration Officer) scheme under which they can avail of various visa and immigration-related services online.

मोदी विरोधी ताकतों का पलड़ा भारी! ऐसा क्यों?

मोदी विरोधी ताकतें आजसे नहीं, २००० से ही बड़ी भारी बहुमती में है। औऱ समय समय पर इन ताकतों को, गोधराकांड, आतंकियों के एनकाउंटर, लगातार चुनाव जीतना,फ़िर प्रधानमंत्री बनना, औऱ उसके बाद तो, नोटबंदी, GST,

Pramod Joshi
1 week ago

न्याय-व्यवस्था की चुनौतियाँ

Current Affairs, Media, Innovation, Sweet & Sour

Rajesh kuttan
1 week ago

Political culture: " How to insult one another"

Indian politics is going through the worst period, with no national interest or public interest, it is just fight for SATTA KI CHAHAT. Keeping apart these discussions for news channels, I just want to express my views towards diminishing cultural values. When Atal ji used to attend Parliament as member of opposition, he stood up to scold his own party member for using rough language in Parliament for PM. he told, One has to respect the Parliament and Prime Minister after he represents…

Abhimanyu Bishnu
1 week ago

The Kathua, Unnao and Assam rapes

Unnao and Kathua rapes. Horrific crimes.   These   rapists- murderers belong to the list of bastards( sorry, i...

arun pancholi
1 week ago

अध्यक्ष इमरान खान को बताया भगवान् शिव, पाक में मचा बवाल

इस्लामाबादः पाकिस्तान में हाल ही में तहरीक ए इंसाफ पार्टी के

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