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Jayanthy G
1 month ago

Weekly Gratitude 2019 1/52

Gratitude posts for 2019. Week 1 of 52 in 2019

Amitabha Gupta
1 month ago

Retracing the footsteps of Mrinal Sen

It was yet another Sunday morning when I was travelling with my friend Aritra to visit yet another old mansion in West Bengal. I received a message on Whatsapp. It said that the prominent filmmaker…

29. एक बूंद पानी में एक वचन डूब गया!

पुराने पन्ने पलटते हुए, एक क़दम और आगे बढ़ते हैं। जीवन यात्रा का एक और पड़ाव, लीजिए प्रस्तुत है एक और पुराना ब्लॉग! इस बार मैं जीवन के कुछ ऐसे प्रसंग इस विवरण से निकाल दे रहा हूँ, या संक्षिप्त कर दे र

1 month ago

Indic Writers

A post on my views on Indic Writers

Saurabh Chawla
1 month ago

Doors Are Open For 2019 – Manil Mayank Mishra

While watching a preview of a master class by acclaimed filmmaker, Meera Nair, I stumbled upon this powerful statement by her – If You Don’t Tell Your Own Story, No …

Vikas Khair
1 month ago

Reading Plans for the New Year 2019

So Let's continue the conversation from my last blog post. It was all about the journey of last year, how many books I read, how did I rea...

Abhilash Ruhela
1 month ago

Seizing Small Moments of Life

1740th BLOG POST -->> How many moments do you remember from 2018 which does not involve the major events of your life? Are you thinki...

Amit Samant
1 month ago

दक्षिण गुजरात मधील किल्ले (Forts in South Gujrat)

Sahyadri, sahyadry, nature, trekking, forts, forts in Maharashtra, Dongar, Dongarbhau,Dongar bhau, insects, flowers,birds,caves,backpaking

1 month ago

12 New Things I Did in a year

From driving in the Blue Mountains to mandarin picking in a farm, here's a bunch of things I did for the first time in a year.

Abhilash Ruhela
1 month ago

Welcome New Year "2019" with new Resolutions!

1739th BLOG POST -->> A New Year always comes with its own hope, excitement, curiosity and thrill. It can’t be avoided or neglected. ...

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