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Nibha Gupta
3 days ago

A Journey For The Words #BNLF

I just glanced at the calendar when I struggled to get out of bed today. No brownie points for guesses, yes, it’s Monday! And I Read More

Saumy Nagayach
2 days ago

Jab we met at #BNLF...

First things first, this is my 100th blog post and I'm super glad that I've finally achieved the 3-figure mark, at-least somewhere other...

Shilpa Gupte
3 days ago

Happy pedalling!

A cherished memory from my childhood.


Rowing on The highest form of inspiration has the signature of love somewhere in it.  Even a great intellectual giant like Albert Eins...

1 week ago

Gratitude: Of Family, Friends and Furballs her la la land!

Kala Ravi
1 week ago

Serendipity at #BNLF Dehradun

Relax-N-Rave. Thoughts, Words and Fun.

1 week ago

November Gratitude- Of Memories and Small Successes!

It seems as though I just wrote a few weeks ago, the Gratitude post for October. But well, it’s already the beginning of December. Yet again, it is the time to look back at the month that was, and also look forward to the month ahead. Here is a quick rundown of November. BNLF-New bonds and friends of a kind The highlight of the month was attending Indiblogger’s BNLF. From planning it all out, to the actual day of travel and the complete event, it filled my month with immense joy and exciteme

Roma Gupta Sinha
1 week ago

A Year of Perfect Beginnings 2017 Comes to a Fantastic End with this Special Announcement #GratitudePost

Winter chill has set in and the most beautiful set of mornings when I love soaking myself in sun are here. So I am doing exactly this pl...

Balaka Basu
1 week ago

I am Sixteen

“I am sixteen going on seventeen I know that I’m naive” I believe I never grew beyond sixteen. I am as naive as I was when I was sixteen however I wish to stay this naive forever. Feeling young at …

TF Carthick
1 week ago

Finding a theme for a Fiction Book

Third in the series, leading up to my book release, I am going to talk about one of the most important topics – how I hit upon these them...

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