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4 days ago

17th September 1948 is perhaps more significant than 15th August 1947 to the natives of erstwhile “Hyderabad State”.

Seventy years ago, on this day, 17th September 1948 Hyderabad State was liberated from Nizam’s Rule by the Indian Army and got annexed...

Shwetabh Mathur
4 days ago

Running your own business is no easy walk in the park

A blog about love, emotions and everyday memories which are close to the heart.

Piyusha Vir
5 days ago

Memories of the License Raj: Guest Post by Mira Saraf

Thanks to my association with NaNoWriMo, I’ve made some amazing writer friends. The bond with most has only strengthened over the years. Not only have they taught me to how to write better, b…

Anirudh Chauhan
6 days ago

3 years in Spain, or what I learned about Happiness, Time and India

     Happiness is a strange thing, for some it is an abstract concept, for some it is a fleeting emotion and for some people like me it ...

The Clapping Aunty #MyFriendAlexa

This incidence is one of the life lessons. A mom teaches a lot of things to the child. But many a times a child may teach life lessons to the mom.

Saadiya Kochar
1 week ago

When the tables turn

There was a time in my early thirties, when I was convinced that the gold old days- where boys would write poems, sleep outside my house and do all kinds of crazily romantic things were done and ov…

Aparna Prabhu
2 weeks ago

To the Teacher who Taught me the most,

You were a reminder to me of how harsh and cruel can the world be. You taught me that no matter how worse the situation is, letting go is a part of gathering the pieces to form a better version of …

Teacher's Day 2018

A blog by Deepak Doddamani and Ashwamedh Group

Note to Self

Image Source: Introspection by Giulia Marangoni . Image used only for editorial representation. Copyrights of the image lie with...

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