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When I asked, 'Are you Ruskin Bond?', He replied with jest 'I think, I am..!'

I was on an official trip to New Delhi and returning to home in Malur after a stressful meeting . The Delhi traffic was also horrible that...

Jitendra Mathur
1 day ago

Son firing crackers at father’s Guru’s residence on Diwali

Today is the festival of Diwali. On this occasion, I happen to remember a Diwali that had come eleven years ago, i.e., in 2006 when myself and my little son (who was only 3 years old then) had visi…

1 week ago

Sometimes at times such as this

I always had a lot of things in my mind, all the time but as much as my mind had it all, my fingers couldn't type them. Time is such ...

1 week ago

The Ugly Butterfly

I know, we mostly see butterflies which are so colourful and beautiful, but have you ever seen an ugly one?

Rekha Nair Dhyani
1 week ago

Dak Ghar (The Post Office)

Achan (father) and I have a wonderful relationship. We both get along well even with all our differences of opinion we have on various matters. Our temperaments match. Something I am not very proud…

Migratory Wings

Looking out of the plane's window, the vast expanse of the blue skies came greeting me. The loneliness of the skies was dotted with the fr...

Nimi Arora
1 week ago

The simple times - Count Your Blessings #3

"Dil Dhoondta hai, phir wahi, fursat ke raat din" (My heart yearns, once again, the leisurely nights and days) I have always loved ...

Shwetabh Mathur
2 weeks ago

क्यूंकि हम सवाल नहीं करते ..

A blog about love, emotions and everyday memories which are close to the heart.

2 weeks ago

THe Unwanted 10th: The Story Of An Innocent Heart

There are instances, which are so deep rooted in you, that every time your mind touches them, it aches. Especially if it occurred when you were a child, an innocent mind, which can easily have an a…

2 weeks ago

Missed Call: New Zealand

It all started in October 2015. In 2015, my home in Hyderabad (Hyd) hosted a lot of family members. It felt amazing and refreshing. As Diwali started to get closer on calendars, my spirit rose high…

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