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Priya Iyer
5 days ago

One Morning, In Wayanad

Walk through a home plantation in Wayanad, with me!

Prasad C
5 days ago

Year2017: Let me travel

In year 2017, I just let myself travel as much as I can. And I was indeed bitten by travel-bug. Starting from refreshing time at Pondicherry to soothing days...

Prasad C
5 days ago

Delightful Ladakh

In August 2017, I travelled solo in the vast & beautiful regions of Ladakh. Have a look at some of the photos I clicked during that trip. Places visited- Leh...

Sangeetha Bashyam
6 days ago

Valentines Day

Valentine's day, Selfless Love, Kindness, Empathy

The origin of my name

Poetry, Short Stories, Article, Essays, Book Review, Movie Review, Memoirs

1 week ago

Letters ! - post no. 8 - Blog marathon

Do you remember the good old times when we used to write letters? I do... I loved writing letters and was really  excited when I would rec...

The Good Old Bengaluru I Lived In

Disclaimers:- 1.     There are no photographs in this blog since I don’t have any of my own of the old Bengaluru. I don’t want to u...

TF Carthick
6 days ago

Marketing for Dummies

Finally, I come to the toughest part of this whole book publication game – marketing. In today’s post I talk about my conceptual view of ...

Shilpa Gupte
1 week ago

My first Valentine.

Mushy memories of the day of Love!

Pratikshya Mishra
1 week ago

A Valentine’s Week Gift

On this Valentine's Week, what gift would you give yourself? I would give myself the gift of solitude. The gift of words. Why? Read on.

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