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Jensy George
11 hours ago

Book Review: Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy Life

Have you found your ikigai? Ikigai means ‘a reason for being’ – to find a purpose for living a serene life until end or according to thy book: “Life to be worthwhile”

Abhijit Bangal
14 hours ago

Coronavirus Symptoms Checking Tool Launched By Jio

The need of the hour is to have a Coronavirus symptoms checking tool so you are sure if you need to visit your doctor. MyJio has availed this tool for you.

Viral Bake
1 day ago

U.S Firm Creates '5 Minutes' Detection Device For 'COVID-19' - Viral Bake

Testing has been the key in the context of the fight against COVID-19. However, reducing the time of testing is a challenge. U.S healthcare technology maker Abbott has lived up to the challenge. Abbott has made a ‘5-minute testing device‘. The device has the capability to produce on the spot right results right at the...

1 day ago

8 ways to protect from coronavirus

Ottam Thullal is a dance, drama and poetic art form of Kerala. This art form has been used to spread awareness about how to protect against coronavirus (Covi...

1 day ago

Keeping Kids Positively Engaged At Home During This Lockdown

Keeping kids positively engaged at home during this lockdown is very important .Sharing some of my brainstorm ideas with you all.

Bhawesh Jhabak
1 day ago

Frustration Is The Key To Growth

I had never thought forward until I lost my comfort. So yeah, I think sometimes, the frustration is the key to growth... Read more...

Six Changes COVID 19 May Bring About

At a time when humanity, with its mind-boggling achievements in various fields, is marching ahead like a juggernaut, trampling all other creatures and destroying the mother earth, there appeared a pathogen, invisible and undetected. And the apocalyptic pathogen brought the entire humanity to its knees and pushed it into a dreadful huddle. It made us …

Sunil Deepak
1 day ago

Surgery in Ancient India and the Origins of Ganesha myth

Surgeons in Ancient India pioneered the full-thickness skin graft technique, used even today in orthopaedic and plastic surgery. Can the origins of Ganesha as a mythological figure be linked to it?

Abha Mondal
21 hours ago

The Small Pleasures of Life

Having ambitions does not mean that we will achieve everything. We also need a lot of commitment to be successful and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Dry fruits lassi || 3 varieties of dry fruits lassi || mixed fruit || saffron || chocolate dry fruit lassi

Dry fruits lassi || 3 varieties of dry fruits lassi || mixed fruit || saffron || chocolate dry fruit lassi


How Hope and Optimism comes...

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