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Murtaza Ali
9 hours ago

Netflix drops the trailer of its upcoming action-packed film 'Extraction'

Netflix drops the trailer of its upcoming action-packed film 'Extraction'.

11 hours ago

Enjoy a Yacht Charter in Menorca

Enjoy a Yacht Charter in Menorca: Charter a yacht in Menorca offers plenty of options for those want to take full advantage of the sun, sea and the island.

Aditya Sinha
14 hours ago

B for Bhutte Ka Kees - From MP

A food blog with regional foods and recipes from India, esp UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, HP, J&K, Punjab, Haryana, WB and Orissa

11 hours ago

Farz raga

 Farz raga is the janya raga of 15th melakartha mayamalavagowla.  It's a shadava sampoorna raga. Apart from shadja and panchama, the ...

Neha Khanna
9 hours ago

Ten Tips for Working from Home During COVID-19

Many of you are working from home due to Covid-19. Please check these 10 tips for working from home during Covid-19 and make your tasks easy.

Vijay Kumar Sharma
15 hours ago

Good Spots for Birding in and around Delhi - Part 2

In my previous post of this series, started talking about some of the good birding spots in and around Delhi. We have already spoken ...

13 hours ago

Personal Finance Tips to Get Your Money Grow

Personal finance tips are part and parcel of budgeting and money management. Here are some management tips for better management of your money.

S Singh
10 hours ago

Post Office Recurring Deposit Account – Post Office RD Account

The Post Office Recurring Deposit Account (RD Account) is one of such savings schemes. It is one of the 9 small savings schemes offered by India Post.

Samidha Mathur
1 day ago

Movies that are absolutely the best to watch during this lockdown time

Lockdown period can be boring and frustrating too. You are unable to go out for any sort of recreation and fun with your friends and family. And household chores are never-ending. Hence, to make yourself feel better and fresh, watching movies at home can be one of the ways. So, let us have a look on the list of those '

Viral Bake
1 day ago

After DD National's Rewind BCCI Brings 'Glorious Matches' From the 2000s For Cricket Lovers - Viral Bake

Giving cricket lovers and 90s kids a chance to rewind their loving memories BCCI has decided to telecast matches from the 2000s.


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