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Garima Nag
22 hours ago

Jeju Haenyeo: 5 Mind Blowing Facts about Women Free Divers of Jeju - Sweet Sharing

Jeju island has amazing natural landscapes, Lava caves & museums. The hidden gem of this paradise island in South Korea is its Women Free divers or Jeju Haenyeo.

21 hours ago

Khatu Shyam Ji Aarti Lyrics | खाटू श्याम जी की आरती

खाटू श्याम जी की आरती/Khatu Shyam Aarti Lyrics : ॐ जय श्री श्याम हरे, बाबा जय श्री श्याम हरे | खाटू धाम विराजत, अनुपम रूप धरे || ॐ जय श्री श्याम हरे.....

6 hours ago


It is very common to hear that if Plan A does not work Plan B should be ready. Therefore, an attempt would not necessarily result in succ...

Dog With Blog
17 hours ago

Which is the best dog for Indian home?

The best dog for Indian home. Why pariah dogs make the best pets for Indian conditions - adaptable, low-maintenance, smart, social and loving.

S Singh
5 hours ago

How to change date of birth in EPF UAN online?

How to change/update your date of birth in the EPF account? This blog post explains the steps to change date of birth in EPF UAN online.

7 hours ago

Time to heal

It's payback time.

7 hours ago

How To Create Temporary Login With An Expiry Time In WordPress

The developers may ask for admin user privileges to thoroughly check a site and if u know them well, security is not a matter.Temporary login

7 hours ago

World Leaders On Twitter: 15 Famous First Tweets

"Ten years ago, it began with a single Tweet," Twitter said last year, pointing to the first tweet made by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

Neha Khanna
22 hours ago

Using SEO Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions

SEO is highly essential to make better marketing decisions. Discover the use of powerful search engine optimization data for perfect marketing decisions.

20 hours ago

Hamsadhvani raga

Hamsadhvani raga is the janya raga of 29th melakartha DheeraShankarabharana. It's oudava raga. Ramaswamy Dixit, father of muthuswamy Dix...


How Hope and Optimism comes...

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B-School 2020 w/ Marie...

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