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Sudip Saha
20 hours ago

#WOW The story behind the sounds…

Whenever we look around us, we find ourselves that we are surrounded by different kinds of sounds. If we look closely, we will find that each sound has a different story to tell. These are not sounds but, they are voices. Presently. every keyboard stroke is telling me that I am inching towards the end … Continue reading

Akanksha Dureja
8 hours ago

Following the Demoiselle Cranes in Khichan

Khichan is a remote village in Rajasthan that was added to my travel wish-list a couple of years ago, but not because of its old forts or lost palaces, as is expected of the desert state, but because of a unique story that has its origins dating back to the seventies. Khichan lies around a 100 km from Jodhpur, a sleepy old town that wakes up to the noisy arrival of Demoiselle Cranes every morning, from early August to mid March.

Binita Bora
4 hours ago

Content Theft: What happens when someone copy your blog content?

When someone copy your blog content, they cause you a lot of damage. To begin with content theft is violation of your copyrights. Let’s find out a few more reasons why we must stop content th…

An Unspoiled Girl - Onward #writephoto

A blog where I pour out the meanderings of my imagination as flash-fiction and short stories of several kind...

Jitaditya Narzary
8 hours ago

Leh Old Town Heritage Walk

The heritage walk around Leh Old Town is a reminder of its status as a trade hub of the Silk Route. It covers Leh Palace, Tsemo Gompa, Central Asian Museum, Zorawar Fort, and much more. #LehHeritageWalk #LehOldTown #LehPalace

9 hours ago

Novotel at Lucknow: A Comfortable Stay at the Heart of the City of Nawabs

My experience at Novotel Gomtinagar, at the heart of Lucknow city

Khodidas Diyora
7 hours ago

Tips to Restart Windows OS in Safe Mode

Is it necessary to get into Safe Mode on your Windows Computer? Yes sometimes it requires to get into safe mode when you are not able to boot your computer normally, you can try to enter safe mode, a diagnostic mode for Windows. In this article, I am going to explain the steps to get into Safe Mode in Windows XP,

Shiju Sugunan
14 hours ago

Saul kere - a treasure trove of birds

With a good variety of native birds and the arrival of winter migratory birds, Saul kere lake in Bangalore has turned into a treasure trov...

9 hours ago

4 Reasons Why You Should Stick to Atomic Web Design Methodology

Web designers and developers now use a wide range of techniques and methodologies to create creative and engaging web pages . Each desi...