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Kishor Kumar
1 day ago

How to declutter your home in 21 days?

Too much clutter can ruin the appearance of a home but this infographic from HappyCleans looks to solve the clutter problem in your home so you have one less thing to worry about! One item that tends to pile up in a lot of home are different types of paper. Whether this is bills or […]

1 day ago

How To Reduce Form Abandonment In WordPress (Step By Step)

If you are a business owner, you should be familiar with the term lost leads or form abandonment. Today we'll tell you how to reduce form abandonment and increase sales

1 day ago

I'm Sick Of My Emails Going To Spam - Are You?

My WordPress emails were not delivering properly or reaching the spam folder of recipients. As you know, both of them will create no results and they will make your entire work fruitless.

Parveen Dua
1 day ago

Riding through Ladakh and Zanskar - Dream fulfilled or Shattered? (well...almost!!!)

A blog about my various travel, trekking and biking escapades in India and abroad.

1 day ago

Painted wall

Bright and colourful painted wall at Sassoon docks, Merges with all the activity on the street. Pre Lockdown, Linking to   Monday Mur...

Sunil Deepak
1 day ago

A Creativity Megahub

Samarcanda, a social cooperative of Schio (VI, Italy) provides opportunities of accessible learning in innovative technologies

Vaishali Adwant
1 day ago

Finding Happiness In Quarantine Time

Life hit a pause button across the globe to let us realise the value of minimalism. There’s happiness to be with your loved ones. When the world is compelled to work from home, it has created…

NOTA is not the Answer

Thousands of migrant labourers have been walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their homes from their workplaces for two months now...

Dog With Blog
1 day ago

Animal laws in India to protect the strays & pets

Animal laws in India to protect stray dogs and pets. Read more about what can you do if you see an animal in pain and how to report such cases.

1 day ago

How to Improve Mac Performance

How to improve mac performance (Updated Guide).You'll learn about all those tricks and tips on to speedup Mac Performance in this post.


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