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Viral Bake
8 hours ago

A Step-by-Step Guide for Indian Users To Use Google Wallet in India

Google Wallet enables users to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards, among other things, as well as make payments via mobile devices.

Parth Joshi
1 day ago

Grosbeaks in a roadside rendezvous… - travel, travails and heck...

Bright plumage, brilliant camouflage, restive yet reticent dispositions... musing on black-and-yellow grosbeaks, Himachal Pradesh 🏔️ 🇮🇳

Best Backup Apps for Android

Free Backup Apps for Android > G Cloud Backup - It's a free android backup app which is simple and safe to backup your android files like messages, contacts, videos, photos, music and other documents. This app will store your files in the cloud server. pCloud Storage - It's one of the most secured encrypted cloud storage platform where you can backup and store files, documents, music and videos.

2 days ago

Best Wallet Brands for Men

Hornbull Wallets - It's a popular name for men's and women's wallets. The wallets are made up of high grade leather and neatly designed with soft and firm fabric. Puma Wallets - Puma also manufactures durable wallets for men and women. The wallets are made up of high quality materials which looks elegant. Most of the wallets are water resistant and highly durable.

Vinay Nagaraju
3 days ago

Shame – We have to talk about Shame!

A beautiful talk by Brene brown that makes us think about shame, dig deeper, understand what it is trying to tell us and learn

Who Else ?

Dogs are our best friends.

Dog With Blog
3 days ago

Surat Animal Helpline Numbers to Rescue Animals in Distress

Surat animal helpline number | Crucial resources to volunteer and help lost pets, injured animals, and report animal cruelty.

Viral Bake
1 week ago

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Train Ticket Booking via Indian Railways UTS App

UTS app allows users to create or cancel unreserved train tickets, reserve seasonal seats, renew passes, and buy platform tickets.

Kalpana Riyar
1 week ago

Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the First National Creator Award 2024

Prime Minister Modi presented the prestigious National Creator Award 2024 to a select group of influencers who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.

Vipin PG
1 week ago

Remove Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and TikTok From Google Search Results

Quick Answer: To remove Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and TikTok from Google search result, add '-reddit -quora -youtube -tiktok' at the end of your search query.