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Aakanksha Jain
1 day ago

Kindling: Prequel to Rage of the Immortals by Kanika

Books Charming is one of the top book blogs managed by author Aakanksha Jain. We will help you to increase book sales and provide honest book reviews.


No doubt, this is an old post but made suited for the new IndiSpire Prompt Edition 418  one nation, one identity , one emotion... and I tho...

Aravind GJ
1 day ago

The two waterfalls of Kitwad - Treks and Travels

There are two beautiful waterfalls in the village of Kitwad near Belagavi. The best time to visit these waterfalls is in monsoon.

Nihar Pradhan
1 day ago

India @ 75 – Old Story of New India... - Makeup & Breakup

Science || Literature || Art || Philosophy || (SLAP) : - A uniquely designed digital space to get intellectually involved, creatively indulged and spiritually inspired. The goal is to break down as many barriers as possible in our thoughts to make it thought-provoking. This is a bounty of a place to “break free” from the barriers of life and celebrate the beauty of life. The tantalizing topics and teasing titles that talks on hard hitting perspective that matters.

Ami Bhat
3 days ago

The Vistadome train experience | A guide for Vistadome train booking & travel - Thrilling Travel

A guide to Vistadome trains in India with tips on Vistadome train booking, ticket prices, popular routes and what to expect in the Vistadome coaches

Sandy Vyjay
3 days ago

15 Interesting Facts About Karni Mata Temple In Bikaner | Travel Blog | Voyager - Sandy N Vyjay

Here are 15 amazing facts about Karni Mata temple in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India, famously known as the Rat temple of India.

Vinay Nagaraju
5 days ago

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once - Drew Houston - Inspire99

Don't worry about failure -powerful words by Drew Houston: Identify what this fear of failure is telling you, develop mitigation and move on

Sandy Vyjay
6 days ago

Amazing Gadisar Lake Jaisalmer Rajasthan - Historic Landmark

Gadisar lake Jaisalmer Rajasthan is a historical lake that must be visited along with the Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan, India.

Parth Joshi
1 week ago

Vultures and their veils... - travel, travails and heck...

The Egyptian #vulture 🦅 is smaller than its brethren but seems to makes up for it with its bright plumage 🪶... musing on vultures...

1 week ago

Which Seat to Choose on a Delhi Leh Flight for Best Views

Delhi Leh flight is known for its jaw dropping scenic views of the Ladakh Range of mountains if you choose the correct window seat. And the correct side to choose is the A side while going to Leh and the F side while coming back to Delhi. There I told you. But you can continue