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Anindita ghosh
17 hours ago

What did psychologists say about the selfies?

Selfie is a part of a trend of performing on social media. People try to portray the life they want others to see, and they create lots of photographic evidence of themselves being fun and interest…

rupam sarma
10 hours ago

Happy Diwali

  Homeward Journey... Photography at Kamakhya Junction Railway Station, Guwahati, Assam ( while I traveling to my home town on Diwali H...

Abhimanyu Bishnu
17 hours ago

Vignettes at Patratu Dam-1

Vignettes of Patratu Dam

Dhiraj Shenoy
17 hours ago

A Short Trek to Krishnagiri Fort, Tamil Nadu

Krishnagiri fort, Forts of Tamil Nadu, Forts built by Vijayanagara Kings, Places to visit around Bangalore

Durga Prasad Dash
14 hours ago

today flowers blossom in me

Usually, the commuting to and from the office is the most unpleasant experiences of a working day in a city like Bengaluru so much so that when someone asks, ‘what is the distance of your off…

21 hours ago

Disability/ Wordless Wednesday

The only disability in life is bad attitude. Shot for wordless wednesday

Jensy George
22 hours ago

Twins of Joy 

I randomly remembered how much of a troublemaker is my brother. From bunking tuitions and school classes, yet he was the talk of the town. He was the mere tip of every female tongue and men. Today …

Priya Vin
23 hours ago

Saint Tropez : Photo diary of a Provencal escape!

Saint Tropez - the glamorous Provencal town is not just for the rich and famous. You can do an easy day trip from Nice.

Prakash Ghai
1 day ago

Rectangle Versus Square Cut Versus Uncut

Minimalist Photography / Minimalism as Simple Geometry: Two Simple Geometric Windows, one being a Rectangle and the Other a Square. One of them is cut by a line while the other one not.

Sania Gupta
1 day ago

How to Survive the Transition from Student Life to Working World?

The transition from student life to working world is never easy. Trading college life for a full-time job is a huge challenge because the fresh graduates...